Avatel and Economic Gardening

I am an avid Gardener, so I couldn’t be more excited to talk about “Economic Gardening”. Just as water and fertilizers are used in gardening to help plants grow, the philosophy behind economic gardening helps businesses grow. Entrepreneurs create jobs and wealth, not economic developers. Economic gardening is an innovative entrepreneur-centered economic growth strategy. The contemporary expression of economic gardening principles and practices has, at its core, elements common to longstanding tenets of free market economic theory. The strategy supports Like-minded economic Entrepreneurs looking for additional methods to generate truly sustainable economic growth for their business, communities, regions or states. Our goal is to make Avatel a high performance “new economy” company that supports the business community.

Avatel has the best of both worlds, being an Entrepreneur based business and having a strong partnership with Avaya, the #1 business telecommunications company in the world.  Avaya’s channel strategy is to transition to a High-Touch, Channel-Centric go-to-market model.  With that said, the only real choice of a manufacturer that has decided to go channel-centric is to grow and help develop its own business partner community.  This type of support and partnering allows Avatel to help other businesses grow with the right products and solutions.  At Avatel, our long-term strategy for economic prosperity allows our clients to take advantage of the same best practices and reliability that larger corporations enjoy for their telecommunications and data networks.

Economic Gardening is an approach to economic development that helps local businesses grow by providing them market analysis and data that opens the door to new growth opportunity. Economic Gardening brings information technology and the world of information to provide businesses with customer industry forecasts, competitor analysis and technology trend assessments. Avatel provides that information to help customers leverage existing and new networks to create value and enhance business performance through white papers, webinars, workshops and seminars.

Research has revealed that growth companies frequently partner with other firms in creative ways—generating new ventures and deeper local supply-buy linkages with other firms.  Peer networks connecting business owners, vendors, civic leaders and entrepreneur support organizations have been identified as a key accelerator of economic growth. Avatel and Avaya are working with SCORE to provide educational resources to assist businesses in understanding the opportunities and challenges of telecommunications in their new or growing business.

I am happy to say that Avatel is a member of Avaya’s Business Partner Council. Ideas drive economies and I am excited to share my insights and experience with Avaya and the council. Avatel and the other members collaborate with Avaya to identify productivity tools with powerful capabilities to help employees communicate more effectively with customers, vendors, and each other.  We discuss the challenges facing growing businesses and know how unified communications helps solve them. 

We need to make clear the most rudimentary understanding of entrepreneurial activity and that we are working with a simple idea – support entrepreneurs and things will get better. This type of support and enriched environment will allow businesses not only grow, but thrive. Successful companies are always looking for new ways to do more with less—keeping their business flexible, innovative and competitive without driving up operating costs and capital expenses.

When you collaborate with other businesses, greater opportunities are created for everyone. Working together promotes a healthy business environment in which your businesses benefit. Collaboration with Avatel could bring in the knowledge and expertise you need.

 Even amidst so much economic uncertainty, the fact remains that telecommunications is a key input factor in economic growth. Telecommunications is a facilitator of socio-economic advancement and is a critical utility for economic development. Even during an economic recession, enterprises are investing in new technologies and ways to improve their telecom and networking infrastructures. Economic Gardeners provide the necessary knowledge; information and technology that businesses need to succeed.  Allow Avatel to help you sow the seeds for success.


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