Avatel Helps Customers Navigate the Avaya–Nortel Integrated Product Roadmap

Avatel has defined itself as a complete end-to-end integrator of converged technologies.  Avatel has one of the largest and most experienced technical teams within the industry designing, implementing and maintaining powerful converged Avaya communication networks for Small and Large Enterprise customers nationwide. On January 19th Avaya held an integrated roadmap webinar. This was really a milestone event with over 22,000 customers and partners listening in and watching. For those of you that were unable to attend, Avatel is pleased to help you navigate the Avaya/Nortel product roadmap.

The vision is all about moving from today’s integrated voice-based PBX systems to the future world of open, flexible, modular, real-time communication systems where the systems include support for voice, video, as well as real-time data. We understand the importance to have the right vision and architecture to provide a very smooth path for our customers from where you are today and into the future. This cannot be about rip and replace. This should not be capping your current investments. It’s about protecting your invests and growing

Businesses want innovation that reduces their costs, simplifies their operation, increases their business agility and improves interactions with their customers. Further, businesses insist that meeting these business needs successfully requires the communications solution include security, reliability and scale-ability. While expanding Avaya’s global coverage, the addition of NES Enterprise Solutions enlarges the portfolio of systems and services, increasing expertise and specialization. Avatel sees the acquisition as a strategic opportunity for growth and success. Avatel and Avaya are committed to protecting your communications investments. In these challenging times, business as usual is not an option.  Avatel can leverage existing assets and define the necessary elements of telephony and data networking products and services to efficiently grow your business.

 Avaya delivers open, flexible systems and solutions that enable our customers to differentiate themselves, enhance their brand, enhance performance and enable growth by transforming the way their people collaborate. This is why we are the vendor of choice for enterprises large and small who want to enhance the performance and growth of their businesses. The acquisition of NES brings Avaya the ability to add additional value for each of our customer markets. For the enterprise, NES solutions will enable Avaya to accelerate our deployment of SIP based applications. SIP will enable us to provide customers with multi-modal, multi-vendor, and “plug and play” applications. This will enable our customers to leverage communications for their business.

The future evolution of the large Enterprise Solutions are actually pretty straightforward. The interesting thing is it doesn’t matter whether you are an existing Nortel Enterprise Solutions customer or Avaya customer, the story is the same.

If you have a CS 1000, or an Avaya communications manager, and you want to add a new line we’ll sell it to you. If you have a CS 1000 networked environment, and you want to add another system, we’ll sell it to you. No problem. But at the same time we are bringing Avaya Aura to market as an on top capability for both of these. And if you deploy Aura on top of either CS 1000 or communication manager you get significant cost reduction benefits. There is a solid ROI for putting Avaya Aura on top of your existing infrastructure and once you take that first step some really nice things happen. For example, if you want to add new devices or new lines you have a choice, you can either add them directly into the existing CS 1000 or SIP connect them to Avaya Aura. Let’s take the Nortel Enterprise Solutions customer, you have the CS 1000, all you have to do is put Aura on top. We will ensure if you attach a new device we will make the user interface and the feature set look identical. You don’t have to worry about the fact that you have a phone in one room and another room and they have different user interfaces. We will incur consistency of the interface, of the feature set. Something that only Avaya can deliver on.

For the Small and Medium Enterprise we focus on simplicity and gain a significantly expanded channel for our small, medium enterprise portfolio. The strength of the new Avaya in SME comes from a number of different places. But it’s primarily rooted in what each organization brings to the table. Firstly, both organizations have a solid track record for building solutions designed for this segment. Neither has skinnied down Large Enterprise solutions to fit for small.

We currently have three key system products. PARTNER® is sold primarily in the Americas, Integral 5 is sold primarily in Europe and Norstar, from the Nortel acquisition is sold globally. For the hybrid IP PBX category we now have two products with IP Office and BCM. Both available worldwide and both very well received by channels and customers.

We have products that address the TDM key system environment and in the hybrid environment we have the IP Office product and the SCS product. Within Avaya we had already moved well down the path of consolidating PARTNER and IP and Integral 5 into IP Office. It provided the same management interface or environment as PARTNER and Integral 5. You could easily replace the back end of a PARTNER or Integral 5 system with IP Office. We still sell PARTNER and Integral 5, but the path is to move to IP Office through a smooth migration path with a long tail. We will be implementing the same strategy and plan with Norstar and BCM. We will bring forward some of the key capabilities of Norstar and BCM into IP Office. So that over time IP Office could be used as the back end infrastructure in a Norstar or BCM deployment. At that point IP Office becomes the product going forward. We will continue bringing the Norstar and BCM products to market for a couple of years, as we do the work to ensure a smooth transition on to IP Office. In addition to that we will continue to enhance and support the SCS product for SIP appliance-based solutions

The decisions we arrived at took a great deal of analysis. We had to make choices swiftly to simplify for the market and to get our resources focused as quickly as possible in all; our plans will provide investment protection for all customers who buy any of these products and a path to advanced Small and Large Enterprise communications for EVERY customer!

Our evolutionary principals are to protect, extend and grow. We provide a roadmap that protects and enhances investments you have made and will make in communications technology. We accomplish this by taking the time to learn about and understand your business goals and the role of communications in achieving those goals. And, because our SIP-based technology can integrate your multi-vendor systems and applications, we help you leverage what you own already. The road map we design for your business can extend the availability of productivity enhancing communication system and applications to your entire enterprise. The roadmaps we provide have the built-in ability to evolve as your business needs evolve. Through a unified, next-generation communications architecture, Avaya Aura™, the deployment of new capabilities is accelerated and easily accomplished. We can, for example, draw from our library of industry-specific solutions to give you communication capabilities you need now but did not need just one month ago!

We design customer service solutions that enable businesses to differentiate themselves and sustain a competitive advantage by creating a holistic customer experience for their customers. Products and services are becoming commodities and many businesses realize that customer experience is one of the last available areas of sustainable advantage. Avaya gets this! Most would agree that customers are more concerned about solutions to their own problems, about getting what they need, than they are about given products and solutions. Businesses who understand this, and who have the tools to help potential customers see how products and solutions the business is offering to them, are able to create long-term customer relationships and become more sought after in the marketplace.

Avatel is very excited about the new product portfolio and roadmap, bringing together the best of the Avaya products with the best of the Nortel Enterprise Solutions portfolio. Our goal is to provide significant benefits for our customers by providing significant enhanced value relative to communications enabling, business processes, and business systems. As a trusted-Partner, Avatel values the longstanding relationships we have with our customers and these relationships are key to our success.


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