Avatel 2009 Awards Ceremony

Avatel held its 2009 Awards Ceremony and Luncheon on Friday, January 22, 2010. Avatel feels that recognizing and celebrating success is an important part of running our business. We began our Awards Ceremony by looking back on our accomplishments in 2009 and discussed our strategic plan for 2010. We then moved to our Employee to Employee recognition segment, our Avatel Top Performers for 2009 and our recognition of our Avaya Channel Account Manager.

Creating Relevance in 2009

Avatel looks for new value propositions, builds a competitive advantage during hard times, and understands the importance of forward thinking and planning in a down economy. We refuse to indulge in negativity or pessimism and our organization believes in empowering people to be their best. We are proud to report positive results of several successful initiatives which have helped us combat the economic downturn in 2009 and will allow us to see continued results in 2010. We understand that pursuing “relevance” allowed Avatel to build longevity and survive multiple downturns.  We understood the need to position our business differently for success and in 2009 and our positioning enabled us to achieve the highly honored Avaya SME Channel Partner of the Year, a seat on the Avaya Business Partner Council and last but not least, first place in the Business Journals “Best Place to Work”.

The view from the top of the mountain inspired our hearts and filled our souls with gratitude. We have climbed over the boulders, stepped in and around the holes in the path, and pushed our way through the thickest brush. No obstacles stood in our way – We were on a mission!!

2010 and beyond

 Our business strategy for 2010 will define the direction and scope of our organization over the long-term and will advance our company’s resources to meet market needs.  We are committed to continuous innovation, taking appropriate risk to search out possibilities to drive performance and growth. With a fresh perspective, Avatel will be able to achieve our revenue goals in 2010 while holding true to our principles. We will pay close attention to market and economic conditions, planning ahead, and will respond as appropriate with a long-term focus. 

 “Employee to Employee” Recognition

Avatel employees enjoy recognizing each other and ith support and trust in each other, they have created an environment that acknowledges performance and celebrates each other’s successes. The Avatel team shares one vision and focuses on ‘we’ rather than ‘me”. Avatel has a group of competent individuals who care deeply about each other. They are fiercely committed to their mission, and are highly motivated to combing their energy and expertise to achieve a common objective. Every Associate at Avatel makes this a Great Place to Work through their dedication, their individual contributions and their amazing teamwork.

 Avatel Top Sales Performers

The next part of our ceremony was to recognize and reward individuals who made a significant contribution to Avatel’s success in 2009. We honored the recipients for outstanding sales achievements in 2009 for exceeding their goals through dedication, hard work and the unrelenting devotion to Avatel’s success. Avatel Top Performers know that their lives are not determined by what happens to them, but by how they react to what happens; not by what life brings to them, but by the attitude they bring to life. The Avatel Top Performers are simply those who understand that there is little difference between obstacle and opportunity and are able to turn both to their advantage. We all know that the spirit, the will to win, and the will to excel are the things that endure. Thank you for your exceptional accomplishments and outstanding performance in 2009.

 Recognition of our Avaya CAM,  Zaina Wuest

We were honored to have Zaina join us for our celebration. One of the main reasons that Avatel is such a dedicated partner with Avaya is due to the relationship we have with Zaina. By Zaina understanding Avatel’s key growth strategies and linking those to her strengths, programs and goals, she is able to create objectives built on mutual market opportunities and the partnerships combined value proposition. Zaina and Avatel have worked hard at creating an environment of high trust and a shared purpose. We were very happy to award Zaina with a plaque honoring her “Spirit of Partnership”. The plaque read:  “True Partnership depends upon mutual understanding, faith, trust, commitment and alignment of goals. Exceptional achievements are within our reach when we stand tall on a foundation of personal integrity, hard work and unwavering determination. Inch by inch we have laid the stones of our foundation together.  Our foundation of excellence is supported by the quality of your actions and the integrity of your intent”. Avatel thanks Zaina for supporting Avatel to achieve new heights.

I want to take this opportunity to let everyone in the Avatel family and our Partners in business know how much you all are appreciated. Remember that hard times make good times sweeter and without challenges, there can be no progress. 2010 brings a sense of a fresh start to all of us. We sincerely hope that you are having a great start to the New Year and are looking forward to much success. 

Zaina Wuest accepting her "Spirit of Partnership" award


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