Save on cell minutes using your Motorola Droid with the Avaya’s IP Office system over 3G

Avatel’s goal is to provide leadership and innovation in communications technology to our business community.  We want to help you get the most out of your investments and thrive in a changing world.  Please join us for a new series of technical tips that will help you communicate more effectively.  Our first tip will allow you to use your Droid to make and receive calls over 3G and Wi-Fi without using cell minutes with the Avaya IP Office.

The challenge that we ran into was to find a SIP client that would work with the IP Office and the DROID.  After testing about 5 SIP clients I was able to find Fring, which also does Googletalk and Skype in the same application.  Since the DROID will run multiple apps, Fring starts on boot up and runs in the background so you can receive standard cell calls and SIP calls from the IP Office. (Now the DROID can talk and surf the web at the same time if you need it to)  The SIP client works over 3G or Wi-Fi with no real difference.  One advantage of this is that if you are low on cell minutes you can use SIP to make all of your calls.  Also if you were in a place where 3G is not covered it would still work over Wi-Fi. Soon, the airline s will start offering free Wi-Fi on flights, so you could still conduct your business in flight. This is one way of carrying your extension where ever you go without a computer.

Equipment used:

  • IP Office 500 Ver. 5.0.8
  • 1 VCM
  • 1 IP End Point
  • The WAN port is set to a public static IP Address over FiOS
  • Motorola DROID from Verizon
  • Kernel Version 2.6.29-0map1-g0dd7e0b
  • Android-build@apa26#511
  • Fring client for the DROID
  • Both G3 and WIFI

The world we live in and the way we communicate is changing, and we believe in progress, growth and possibility.  Innovation in communications technology has brought about a wide range of telecommunications services on the market today, stimulating growth and, with it, choice. It is Avatel’s objective to be socially responsible and to contribute to the communities in which we are present. Telecommunications companies need to make information easily accessible to customers, and in the languages they speak. It is about supplying our customers with choices and freedom enabling technology to enrich their lives.

Contact our Lead Engineer, George Jenkins at for more information.


1 Comment

  1. francisco

    do you any tips/tricks about this ?
    IPO + fring

    Thanks in advance.

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