Mobility – The Evolution of the Workplace

Mobility is becoming essential to the way enterprises conduct business and successful decision making requires immediate access to the right people at the right time. Avatel offers a complete range of mobility solutions from the Avaya IP Office that are simple to use and flexible enough to meet the increasing demands of today’s businesses. Mobile device deployment has become an area of interest and concern for many enterprises, forcing them to change the way they process and distribute information. Mobile communications are changing the way people do business. Teleworkers and Road Warriors describe a very different work environment and the way you go about doing this is to implement a mobility environment that extends the reach of your office applications and voice and data communications.

Avatel can provide mobile connectivity, support, and enterprise voice and data – regardless of the geography, device, network and application. And we use best-in-breed technology,  The Avaya IP Office provides employees with access to voice, e-mail, and fax messages easily; dial one number to reach associates, and use the same communication features wherever they are working – on the road, at home, or in the office. The mobile workplace creates opportunities for empowering organizations to conduct business as usual anytime and anywhere. The ability to access information on the go is a compelling weapon in the competitive business landscape, and our goals at Avatel are aimed at helping the small and large enterprise stay ahead of the game.

Avatel understands the need to retain top talent and the pressures for environmentally sustainable solutions. Avatel’s mobility solutions address your business needs with opportunities to enhance workplace performance. We focus on mobility as a means to improve processes, increase productivity and help you gain your competitive edge. Benefits associated with telework range from a component in an overall corporate business continuity strategy, increases in employee productivity, to serving as a motivational tool to recruit and retain key talent.


  •  Point-and-click call handling – The intuitive and easy-to-use PC interface, which integrates seamlessly with Avaya IP phones, makes call handling a snap. Click to dial, transfer, hold, conference, and more. Cost-effective communications – Connecting through a VPN allows remote workers’ phone expenses to be reduced or even eliminated. Streamline real estate and facilities costs by hiring full-time remote workers.
  • Easily manage a dispersed workforce – With remote workers’ phones on the network, presence features let employees “see” each other’s status: who’s on the phone, away from their desk, busy, etc. Record, archive and replay calls for monitoring and training purposes.
  • Expand your labor pool – Hire the right employees whether they live down the block, across the country or on the other side of the world; Teleworker seamlessly connects them to your network so they are virtually “in the office”. Hire the right people, regardless of where they live. Teleworker helps you grow your business with the most qualified people.
  • Ensure Productivity & Professionalism – If VPN connectivity is lost or bandwidth compromised, employees won’t miss important calls. With Teleworker, they simply leverage their PC interface and home or wireless phones to stay connected.
  • Reduce expenses – Eliminate variable phone expenses for remote workers, and even reduce real estate leasing and facilities costs. Reduce or eliminate commute times. Expand business hours by hiring remote workers in different time zones.

 Mobile Worker / Road Warrior

  • One number access – Provide customers and others with just your office phone number – and have all calls ring simultaneously on any other phone (mobile, remote office, home), eliminating missed calls when out of the office or away from your desk. Key call handling features – such as transfer, conference, forward and hold – are available, even on a mobile or home phone.
  • Roam the office/warehouse – With an Avaya wireless IP phone (purchased separately), staff can roam throughout the building or campus and stay completely accessible, as though at their desk.
  • Easy access to messages – All messages – voicemail, email, faxes – appear in a single inbox on the PC for fast, efficient message retrieval. Hear and reply to email messages over the phone – no need for a laptop or Smartphone.
  • Enhanced customer service – Mobile sales and service staff stay connected and responsive to customers regardless of where they are.
  • Increased productivity – Access to people, messages and information help mobile employees deliver whether in or out of the office.
  • Increased customer knowledge – All calls that go through IP Office can be tracked and monitored to capture data on customer interactions.
  • Reduced costs – Calls that are routed through IP Office take advantage of business calling plans, which can significantly reduce overall calling costs.

Flexible working practices are becoming an integral part of a successful business strategy and can be a critical tool in improving the bottom line. Avatel and Avaya are reinventing how successful organizations gain a competitive advantage by easily collaborating and communicating over distance and time with customers, coworkers and partners. For more information about  mobility solutions, call  866.835.2661 to speak with an Avatel Mobility Specialist.


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