Unified Communications Rocks! Breaking Down Communication Barriers

The industry is undergoing some radical changes – more than ever before. The telephone itself is being threatened and the basic phone, along with its hold and transfer buttons is becoming obsolete while voice is rapidly shifting from hardware to software. “Unified Communications” was meant to describe the next generation phone system, but very few completely understand the concept. The true concept of UC is that it represents multiple modes of business communications that are seamlessly integrated. The unification of all communication devices inside a single platform provides the mobility, presence, and the contact capabilities that extend beyond the phone to all devices a person may use or have at their disposal.

In this demanding economic climate, small and large businesses face new challenges. With an increasingly mobile workforce; businesses are rarely centralized in one place. UC facilitates this on-the-go, always-available style of communication. When used appropriately, UC is an amazing tool and boost to business of any size today. In today’s world, if technology can’t make and save you money, then it is hardly worth the implementation. UC can cut costs by lowering corporate communication and mobile phone expenses, by reducing meeting and travel expenses, and lowering real estate requirements.

By it’s very nature, it will change behavior and the way people communicate and work by integrating real-time and non-real time communications with business processes and requirements based on presence capabilities. A UC solution can equip your business to succeed and prosper in an increasingly competitive market, by combining all your communications into a single, manageable interface and simplifying the way you share information. The solution is made up of a variety of components and elements, including: email, instant messaging, voice, video, web chat, file sharing, and document sharing, tied together with a common user interface. By integrating UC with business processes, workers can be more productive, efficient, and responsive.

Unified communications is a software infrastructure platform that consolidates directory, routing, and management of communications across a set of applications that ultimately enable the exchange of information effectively to enhance productivity. While it is possible to recover lost money, it is never possible to recover lost time. 

So there you have a definition of Unified communications. Watch this 2 minute video on your seamless access to Unified Communications: http://tiny.cc/M5qfC.

The next step is to examine which option is the best one for you, depending on your business goals, network capabilities and global reach.  Visit www.avatel.us to reach a UC Consultant to help identify opportunities for Unified Communications and evaluate where latencies exist.  We can help you understand the communication patterns within your organization and to identify where business processes slow or bog down.

It is really exciting being involved in the unified communications market place at the moment. I’d be interested in hearing from organizations that have recently implemented unified communications, please provide a comment on how you went about choosing which platform that you selected, and what your business has since achieved.


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