A New Era in Business Communications

Avaya Aura simplifies complex communications networks, reduces infrastructure costs and quickly delivers voice, video, messaging, presence, Web applications and more to employees anywhere.  The Avaya Aura Session Manager centralizes communications control and application integration, enabling users to access applications based on what they need and where they are. Since this technology can be deployed in any environment and can unify existing PBXs, no matter the manufacturer, it is extremely cost effective.

It adds powerful new capabilities to Communication Manager, including session management that enables multi-vendor hardware and software to communicate across the enterprise network. Avaya Aura orchestrates a wide array of communications applications and systems by decoupling applications from the network. As a result, services can be deployed to users depending on what they need rather than by where they work or the capabilities of the system to which they are connected.

Avaya Aura supports single cross-enterprise dial plans and centralized administration, reducing operating costs and speeding up rollouts of new applications. New aggregated presence features and the inclusion of Avaya one-XR Unified Communications interfaces allow businesses to take full advantage of unified communications application and solutions.

Avaya Aura provides the real-time communications software foundation for unified communications and contact center solutions, and it is a key enabling layer in the Avaya architecture. Solutions from Avaya are based on an open, flexible reference architecture that enables a multi-vendor approach to integrating communications. Avaya leverages a layered architecture to meet immediate business needs, while providing a path to future capabilities. The architecture emphasizes end-to-end management, security and serviceability, and enterprise-wide reporting and analytics. Avaya Aura promotes collaboration and interaction applications that are delivered to all users, workers, service agents, managers and executives.

The core communication services of Aura provide the real-time foundation for all sizes and types of customer solution, scaling from less than 100 users to as many as 36,000 users on a single system and to over a million users on a single network, and include:

  • Rich IP Telephony: Over 700 market-leading communication features built on decades of customer feedback and software refinement.
  • Video Telephony: Making video as easy as a phone call by integrating desktop and conference video including Avaya one-XR Communicator, Polycom systems and video-bridges, and Tandberg video phones.
  • Branch Solutions: Targeted capabilities for customer-facing branches, retail stores, financial and insurance offices, and government offices requiring local customer service oriented functionality combined with low-cost deployment, centralized management of thousands of locations, and enterprise-wide SIP networking.
  • Enterprise-wide SIP session management: A single point of control for enterprise-wide dial plan and user profile management across a redundant distributed SIP network connecting thousands of multi-vendor systems, applications and service provider services.
  • Multi-vendor presence aggregation: Combining user presence information from Microsoft, IBM, XMPP and SIP/SIMPLE, with real-time information from every phone and soft-client to deliver an actionable aggregated view for Avaya and third-party business user applications.
  • Application enablement: Web Services and APIs that allow customers and third-parties, including the Avaya DevConnect ecosystem, to tightly integrate with business applications and systems with Avaya Aura.
  • End-to-end security: Security defenses, encryption, authentication and certificate use are embedded at all levels across Avaya Aura to ensure secure continuous communications.
  • High availability: Comprehensive design choices for ensuring continuous communications include active/active SIP continuity, memory-synchronized application servers, survivable media processing, multiple IP connection paths, survivable servers for fragmented networks, full-function survivability packaged within local gateways, low-cost choices for small locations, and smart phones and gateways that accelerate reconnection.
  • Hardware and design flexibility: Avaya provides comprehensive families of Linux-based application servers, media gateways, business phones and unified communications applications to meet different customer needs.
  • Management, support and remote monitoring: System Manager and Avaya Integrated Management provide a full suite of tools for single-site to multi-site, software update, SIP and network management.

Avaya Aura software and hardware are backed by Avaya’s award winning global services, including unique secure remote monitoring capabilities that can diagnose and resolve many issues without human intervention, and automate support responses to maximize communications availability.


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