Avaya is helping connect people, places and devices to deliver a flawless communications experience at the Vancover 2010 Winter Games

Making History: Enabling a New Kind of Network

Avaya is changing the way people connect by helping Bell create the first ever all-IP network for the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games. As the Official Converged Network Equipment Supplier, Avaya is providing state-of-the-art communications technology that will enhance the overall communications experience in Vancouver with resiliency, flexibility and reliability.

Vancouver will become the temporary home for 5,500 Olympic athletes and officials from 80 countries, 25,000 volunteers and 10,000 media representatives. More than one million visitors are expected to participate in addition to three billion television viewers across 160 countries. Twelve days later mark the start of the Paralympics. Each one of these people is counting on a flawless communications experience.

It’s a giant undertaking with no margin for error: seamlessly connecting two Olympic Villages that are three hours apart, and a total of 15 Games sites in both Vancouver and Whistler. Avaya is also working closely with Bell, the exclusive telecommunication services provider, to showcase new and innovative technology.

The communication requirements for a worldwide spectacle like the Winter Olympics can mean a network undertaking as massive as organizing the games themselves. With the added task of building out the Olympics’ first all-IP network, Avaya spent more than two years designing and testing a network that would serve about 35,000 people

The Network
I think one of the most interesting aspects of the Olympic and Paralympic all IP network is its sheer size and complexity. I saw this network referred to as the same dimensions of a small country, and thought that was probably an accurate.

Also, the high variability in network volume is a significant challenge. For example, consider the 5 minutes after Alexandre Bilodeau won Canada’s first Gold medal on its own shore. At this touching movement there were hundreds upon hundreds of massive media files loaded on to the network to transmit the feat to the rest of Canada and beyond. These kinds of spikes are a challenge for any type of network, and it is wonderful to see this communication network in action so the Games are truly a global phenomena and event.

Network Stats
– Avaya’s converged network is supporting 25,000 volunteers, 15,000 media, 5,000 athletes, and 3,000 officials. That is just the official and credentialed members of the Olympic family.
– The media streams from the events going out to 160 countries and over 3 billion TV viewers.
– 10,000+ media reps from print, television, radio and Internet are pulling Olympic broadcast feeds, scores and statistics directly from the Avaya network.
– How big is the network? Avaya is delivering 15,000 VoIP phone and fax lines; 7,000 mobile phones and 2,000 PTT; 5,000 radios; 4,000 TV drops; 500 Wireless Access Points; and 40,000+ Ethernet ports.

The Games symbolize excellence in performance—be it athletic or engineering. And with the whole world watching, Avaya understands the necessity for security, full redundancy and why a single point of failure is not acceptable. With the help of Avaya technology and expertise in partnership with Bell, the Vancouver 2010 Winter Games will be equipped with the most technologically advanced network in Olympic and Paralympic history. All of us here wish the athletes good luck throughout the rest of the Games and may the best teams/athlete prevail.


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