Cultivating Success with Passionate Leadership and Motivation

It is critical that organizations have a strong, motivational structure during these uncertain times. Business owners have a tough balancing act when it comes to employee motivation these days. Whether you’re a small team, an organization, a company or a family, you will need a lot of motivation and the ability to provide passionate leadership to get things done and a vision for success.  Leadership is made up of dreams, inspiration, excitement, desire, pride, care, passion, and love.

People rally around passionate leaders with a compelling vision and purpose. Passionate leaders have the energy and drive needed to push and pull their teams and organizations forward. This rousing passion is the energy source that powers performance to ever-higher levels. Passion, energy, enthusiasm, commitment, intensity, fervor, and zeal have always been the driving force of effective leaders.               

Be yourself and let the real you shine through. There’s no room for arrogance if you expect to bring out the best in people.  When you’re open, honest, approachable, humble, respectful and caring, your employees will respect you, work hard for you and see to it that your company is successful. The lesson here is that if you treat your people with respect and show them you care, they’ll return the favor by supporting the overall success of the business.

  • Be Appreciative and Keep a Positive Mindset – When you keep a positive mindset it will flow onto your staff and motivate them to keep a positive mindset with their customers. When you encourage a positive atmosphere with enthusiasm, it is contagious. One of the strongest needs of our human existence is the need to be appreciated; people crave appreciation almost as much as they crave food.  So, if you make it a point to sincerely thank your employees for the things they’ve done on your behalf, they’ll make it point to give you their best efforts. 
  •  Have some Fun with your Employees All work, and no play, can make for a dull day. Don’t take your business too seriously. Lighten up, relax and enjoy fun time with your staff. When you are passionate and have fun, you have a contagious, positive outlook. The doom and gloom attitude will not take you very far and showing panic will be even less successful.
  •  Celebrate Success – When you celebrate successes along the way, you cultivate the habit of appreciating and being thankful for what you have and what you’ve accomplished. Take time to stop and enjoy the view from the vantage points you have reached. Your employees have both directly and indirectly contributed to your success and as such, having celebrations is a way of showing your appreciation. No man is an island and all of us have an innate desire to socialize and interact with other people. These celebrations give them the opportunity to fulfill those desires and consequently, they’ll be motivated to work harder, even just a little bit, in order to ensure that they’ve celebrations to look forward to.
  •  Positive Communication – Share a success story of one of your customers or suppliers, or how your organization positioned a customer for success. Reiterate and reinforce the strengths of the company and why it is positioned for success despite the economy. Focus on the positive things the company is doing well and when there is bad news, be straightforward and honest. When economic times are tough, people are prone to look at things as the worst-case scenario. You need to understand how to best get through to your employees to assure them that they, and the company, will not only come out fine, but may be even better than before. Finding ways to alleviate office stress and communicating the company’s strategy for addressing the challenges it faces will go a long way in improving employee morale and showing strong leadership.

Joy is unforgettable and memorable. When a leader cares, tells the truth, is secure and authentic they can truly operate from a place of joy. Even in times of stress and high volume demands their foundation is so solid that they remain joy like even in the most challenging environments and situations. We remember the leaders who show up strong, supportive and collaborative in both the good times and the difficult times.

Unforgettable leaders care deeply about their role, they take it seriously. They care about people and specifically the people they lead. I am talking about caring on a very personal level- care about you as a person your goals and ambitions and they want to help you get there. They care about your family life and your happiness. They care about your impact on the team and they care deeply about helping you succeed.

Now might be the perfect time to take your employees out for an event to take their minds off of work and what is happening in the economy. We are going bowling next week, what are you and your employees doing for fun?

 Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP


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