If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up too much space

If you’re not living on the edge, you’re taking up to much space to survive in today’s increasingly competitive market. Companies are constantly searching for the edge that will make the difference between a profitable and expanding business and one that struggles to keep its head above water. Avatel celebrates individuals and businesses that spur economic growth and vigor. Today’s leaders are redefining their business and often, their business environment through innovative thinking and practices. Life is better on the edge when you have a clear direction and commitment to unleash your company’s full potential. These organizations are changing the game with new approaches in how they use technology in 2010 and beyond!

The telephone was a breakthrough discovery in 1870 which revolutionized communications that is known to the world today. Telecommunications has become part of world evolution, as humanity advances, so does our way of communicating which makes it a part of life. In the business perspective, telecommunications became the mouth and ears of the enterprise.

Communication is the life line of the business and there are smarter telecom alternatives available today. The body of information that businesses need, draws upon a technology solution that is constantly evolving, products mutate, new technologies replace old ones, competitors’ products change and markets accelerate. As the technology evolves and its applications expand, it becomes critical to stay current and informed about the solutions.  Not looking at the new advances in technology now will only leave you living in the dark ages, and catching up can take longer than we sometimes imagine.

The World is Changing

What will your business look like five years from now? While we don’t have a crystal ball to provide all the answers, we know that ccustomer expectations are changing and consequently, so are the ways we do business. It makes sense to keep one step ahead of changes in customer expectations and business technology. Successful business owners will be far more reliant on technology and more connected to customers in ways only imagined. Technology is always evolving and companies can’t be afraid to take advantage of change.

In every business, small or large, new ways of working, competing, living and growing are developing every day. While other organizations are trying to cope with these changes, Avatel embraces them. Because in a changing world, providing the right answers is what our business is all about. It’s not about having technology for technologies sake. It’s about using technology to make business easier by having information available when you need it, wherever you are, and in the form you want it. Innovation is moving rapidly. Where is technology taking us? How will we communicate in the future? Change is the law of life, and it’s absolutely necessary to our survival, especially since we are advancing so fast.

While things may be poised to change, the telephone is still the most relevant tool in business today, and our dependency on voice communications is clear. Mobile technology will be increasingly important as business owners, their employers, their partners and their customers demand anytime-anywhere communication, collaboration and access to each other. If you really want to face the future, rather than the past you need to understand that as your business evolves, so do your communications requirements. If your business is not using technology as a tool to grow, you’re set up for future failure. Your competitors that are preparing themselves for the future are going to take your customers and your best employees.

The Future of technology is calling. How do you Plan to Respond?


Today’s business organizations are more virtual, more collaborative, relying on an extended network of partners, suppliers and employees spread across remote locations. Avatel will supply the critical applications and deliver the networking that enable businesses to collaborate and communicate with speed and quality in a dynamic networked environment. We sit on the edge of a cliff, where new technology is rising up to transform business communications and the very foundation of society. The telecommunications business environment has changed dramatically with rapidly changing technology opportunities and requirements.

We keep our customers on the cutting edge of technology by helping them effectively compete in today’s rapidly-changing business environment. As Avaya’s Business Partner of the Year, we are focused on integrating data, voice, and IP Telephony applications and providing total communications solutions that allow businesses to excel and grow quickly and cost effectively.

During the last couple of years VoIP has moved from being a complex, unreliable, low quality service to a mature, competitive, simple to manage and high quality offering. VoIP service affords a number of advantages over traditional telephony providers that make it an overall better choice for businesses and particularly for the millions of people that travel or work away from their office for a substantial portion of their time. VoIP technology transfers analog voice data by converting it into digital format and then transferring it over the broadband Internet. On reaching its destination, it is against converted back into analog voice data, which can then be heard clearly on the other party.

Keeping current about all the factors that influence technology is not easy. It is hard enough to keep track of the ever-changing information. We believe that SIP will have a profound impact on next-generation communications, SIP (Session Initiated Protocol) is the standard protocol used for Voice over IP. This is a great thing because before SIP there were no standard protocols. The main purpose of SIP is to set up and tear down media (audio/video/etc data) sessions, and also to manage endpoints and other things.

This technology will help businesses run more efficiently in a virtual environment and will provide users with more personalized communications no matter where they are or how they choose to communicate. SIP-enabled applications provide a key to business success. SIP eases the integration of real-time key business applications with IP telephony, enabling companies to expand their communications possibili­ties. With SIP, businesses can do more than just save money; they can transform their communications, enhancing productivity and customer service. SIP trunks enable businesses to carry their voice data over a pure IP connection to carrier clouds, rather than through separate circuits as has been the practice for decades. Confused about just what is the difference between SIP trunking and VoIP? Since SIP is Session Initiation Protocol, and is a form of VOIP, SIP provides more VOIP service capabilities and sets the foundation for reduced cost, improved efficiency, and the next generation of CEBP – Communications Enhanced Business Processes.

Accelerating your business into the future


The technology of the future could be quite substantial. This study of the future indicates that businesses will continue to go through an evolution in their use of technology. The study predicts that technology will revolutionize the nature of running a business. We see a fascinating time already in the making. It puts us directly into the expanse of astonishing technology that is coming at us at light speed. As we go forward, I hope we’re going to continue to use technology to make really big differences in how people live and work.

Avatel specializes in assessing the value of a proposed technology initiative and facilitating change. We excel by showing you how to apply technology so it delivers the most value. Quality advances in IP telephony are driving businesses to look at converging their networks, even if only for internal communication. A converged solution lets you take advantage of a wide range of capabilities from consolidating local/wide area networking to sophisticated communications applications like unified messaging and multimedia contact centers. Businesses no longer treat communications as just a cost of doing business, but as part of their corporate strategy.

Although a relatively sour economy encourages many companies to take a look at cheaper telecom solutions, forward-looking companies are highly motivated to find new business workflow efficiencies that can be delivered only through CEBP – Communications Enhanced Business Processes, part of Unified Communications. In today’s environment, businesses are aggressively pursuing measurable results from their investments. CEBP holds the promise of measurable business value by connecting the people, information, and workflow processes that support business objectives. This integration can be achieved only by organizations that adopt and leverage the benefits of VoIP services coupled with SIP trunking technologies.

 Business sharpened by the cutting edge of technology

Following the trends of telecom evolution and the move toward convergence of voice and data, we will provide our customers with reliable advanced communications solutions that will integrate into your business seamlessly as technology advances in the future and show you how utilizing technology in a down economy can actually help your organization.

We are committed to keeping pace with revolutions in the telecom industry. We will build a bridge to the future by providing solutions from legacy telecom equipment to the cutting edge technologies of tomorrow. The implications of technologies, from revolutionary breakthroughs to comprehensive system upgrades, cast a powerful impact on businesses of all sizes. We focus on core business metrics so that correct technology decisions are made. And this ensures that your technology investments are returned rapidly and effectively. We can excel your company to technologies cutting edge.

Our main objective is to seamlessly navigate each customer through the complex web of telecommunication solutions, ease the pain of managing these solutions and improve their bottom line. We understand that most businesses have neither the time nor the expertise to stay up to speed with the advances in today’s market. Our solutions are leading-edge innovation with cost efficiency to manage and operate. Contact us at www.avatel.us. We’re not only on the Leading-Edge of technology; we’re a mile above the competition. Count on us to be your trusted partner from beginning to end, because we succeed only when you reach your goals.

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP


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