Why not use your phone system as a marketing tool??

Custom Music and Advertising on Hold

During a recession, the marketing budget is often the first to get cut. So rather than making major cuts in your advertising budget, now is the time to explore alternative methods of reaching your customers. More than ever before your business is faced with tough challenges. Your costs are increasing. Competition within the marketplace is tightening. Profits are becoming more limited, and your vendors are providing less and less marketing support. Every advertising or marketing dollar you spend has to produce results. Results are dependent upon reaching a qualified audience with the right message. People who call your business are your best prospects and your most qualified audience. When they dial your number, you have their undivided attention. On-hold messaging is marketing at its most basic level. If you do it right, you’re on-hold message can powerfully build your brand and your relationship with each and every caller, subtle yet effective. A message on hold program functions as an extension of your existing advertising strategies by taking advantage of every customer contact.

With a custom on-hold message, you have an incredibly unique opportunity to make a lasting positive impression on a totally captive audience. Custom on-hold messages are a low cost way to promote your business when a call is placed on hold or transferred to another line. These messages are professionally scripted and voiced by professional voiceover artists, mixed with background music and replayed ‘down the line’ to customers via digital audio equipment.

It’s a fact of doing business. Between the time it takes to answer a customer’s query or transfer their call, almost every caller must wait for some period of time. Instead of looking at wait times as a problem, a custom on-hold message lets you take the wait and turn it into something positive – an opportunity to connect with your customers.  Smart business owners view this “on-hold time” as a way to captivate their audience and promote their company. It is important not to overlook the chance to promote your business and engage your customers. If you could arrange a one-on-one conversation between your best sales person/customer service rep and every person who called, what would come of it? In short, that’s the power of a professional produced on hold message.

  • Create a professional image: Enhance your customer service. Show your customers you respect their valuable time and create a sharper image by providing them with important information while they’re on hold.Differentiate your business from its competitors – distinguish your team as proactive and customer-service oriented.
  • Promote product and service awareness: Not every caller to your business knows everything about your business. Custom on hold gives you another means of connecting with existing and prospective customers about how you can help them. 88% of callers placed on hold prefer hearing product and service information to music or silence. 16-20% of business callers will purchase additional products and services based on the custom on-hold message.
  • Decrease caller abandonment: Unless your business is in a position to turn away business, can you afford to let a single caller hang up? What do you think happens when your customers hear silence while on hold? How long will they hold before they hang up and call someone else? How much does that cost you if they hang up and call someone else?

If you’re not convinced, call your business from an outside line and tell a staff member to place your call on hold. Listen closely for the duration of your on hold message, and then ask yourself:

  • Does my business sound warm, inviting and professional?
  • Is this the image I want to present to my customers?
  • What would I like to communicate to my customers when on hold?

Too many companies miss opportunities to shape how their customers feel about them—all because they neglected their callers’ on-hold experience. Dead silence will leave phone callers frustrated, and the radio provides them with the opportunity to learn about your competitors. A custom on-hold production is the only way to fully control the content your customers hear while waiting on hold. Custom-scripted on hold messaging provides the right message to the right people at the right time. Callers are tuned in to you and what you have to offer, so that’s prime time for making a good impression. Communicating information about your products or services can help build customers’ confidence in your business and increase the sale value. Your collateral material, such as “leave-behinds”, signage, newsletters and e-mails may impress potential buyers but do not overlook a custom message on hold to turn your phone system into a marketing tool!

For more information and access to our music library go to: http://www.avatel.us/recording-studio

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP


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