Creating Good Karma in Business


The importance of integrity has always existed among the business community and is an essential component of a successful business today.  Managing corporate actions is becoming a priority for businesses around the world. When business integrity is present throughout the deepest layers of a company and not just at its surface, it becomes the heart and soul of the company’s culture. Karma in business is a new approach to managing business, highlighting the importance of corporate integrity, but approaching it from the inside out and focusing on connecting with personal integrity and authenticity, then bringing this forth into the business environment. Attention to business ethics is on the rise across the world and many companies realize that in order to succeed, they must earn the respect and confidence of their customers. One cannot run a successful business venture on falsehood, deceit, and without genuine determination.

The theory of karma harps on the Newtonian principle that every action produces an equal and opposite reaction. Every time we think or do something, we create a cause, which in time will bear its corresponding effects. It is the natural law of cause and effect.  We’re all part of one organic whole in which everything is interrelated and everything affects everything else. Karma is often a misunderstood concept and a person has to fully realize the significance of karma to make it work for him or her. Did you know that Karma is not just a negative mantra that you can blame your problems on? Karma is a positive energy that means any energy you release ultimately returns to you in one form or another.

We all want to achieve prosperity in life and to become successful in business. But we need to be aware that our success will depend on what we are thinking, saying and doing now. Remember that karma is not only caused by people’s action, it also arises from their thoughts and words. This means that what you keep in mind and what you say can still attract good and bad karmas. So to avoid negative karma we must start by avoiding negative thinking and negative words towards other people. Another way of looking at this philosophy is wishing for the success of other people for you to be successful in what you do as well.

When you understand how to use karma to your advantage, you can apply the rules in gaining business success. Try thinking to deceive your customers and you will surely become a failure. How it will happen? Logically, if you consume your time thinking of strategies to deceive people, you will not earn an opportunity to come up with the best solution on achieving your ultimate goals. Why not instead of thinking to maximize profit by deceiving our customers, we start thinking about maximizing customer care? When you deal honestly with your customers, you will get back the positive energy you released in the form of business success. Businesses are also realizing that the long term effect of a profit-only vision is a conscience-depleted workforce living in an integrity-depleted world.

For years we have had to work “out of harmony” with our personal beliefs, but the old way of cut-throat business practices seems to be on its way out. The statement, “it’s not personal; it’s just business” no longer excuses every shameful corporate offense like lying, stealing, treating employees unfairly and stepping on others to get ahead. If you want to succeed in your business endeavor, always be sincere in dealing with your customers as well. Always aim to give them the best products and services that you can offer. Today’s business people want more – in their personal and professional lives. They want to become better people. They want their work to contribute to a greater good. In short, they want good karma.

There are people who are dishonest in their business and only think about profit and money at all costs. In the process, they forget that they also have a responsibility to their clients. A company that is viewed as dishonest will never flourish. Customers will eventually lose trust in the company and leave to look for better products and services. I don’t care who you are or who you work for, we are all here for a reason.  We’re here to serve our fellow human.  I believe that when you stray from that intention, that’s when you invite greed and sorrow into every aspect of your life, including work.

I respect others enough to be honest and direct, and I expect the same. Say what you mean and mean what you say! If an issue comes up, addressing it directly makes resolution much more likely and frees up energy quickly if resolution isn’t feasible. Integrity earns trust–and trust is the cornerstone of every relationship, business or personal. If you are in business, you have to give what is due to your clients. The spirit of giving results to a dynamic flow of energy because the clients will give back what they received from your end. It is understandable you are in business to make money, however, make sure you incorporate generosity in your business dealings. Customers appreciate the honesty and good customer service which makes them come back to you.

A company that instills a deep-seated theme of integrity within its strategies and policies will be evident among customers, associates and partners. Make sure you ask what you can do to help your business partners, suppliers, vendors, employees and your customers. Helping others can only give you more blessings because if they succeed in business then you will as well. A successful customer will always buy from you. A successful business partner will likely want to support your initiatives. Yes, I know profits are pinnacle to most, but that IS NOT the bottom line!  The bottom line is how your customer, partner, client or prospect walked away from their experience

The newer business model that is emerging is much more holistic. By agreeing to function more holistically, much less damaging karma develops…..and if you’re really aware of all business levels…very little negative karma develops. This revelation should present your organization with a whole new urgency behind creating transcendental superior customer experience for your customers. Like any other worthwhile venture, promotion of business has rules on this earth plane. And to succeed in promoting business, any business, you must obey the rules of natural justice and karma.  

If good business karma exists, it depends on treating your customers with empathy and respect. Treating customers well is not only important for business sustainability; it’s a critical part of organizational culture that should be nurtured and reinforced at every level of an operation. When we have those motivations, we will become more mindful throughout the day of acting from that space in our heart. We will become more conscientious of the karma we create and will be able to stop our negative actions sooner and overcome the laziness that keeps us from creating positive actions.

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP


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