Unified Communications for Small and Mid-size Business

We are pleased to announce the arrival of Avaya’s IP Office Release 6, which is the first Avaya SME product release since announcing the Avaya Nortel integrated roadmap. The Avaya announcement on the fate of the Nortel SME product line suggests a migration of the Nortel Small business products to the Avaya IP Office portfolio.  This version simplifies unified communications and customer service for SMEs, while delivering a range of new capabilities improving the scalability, resiliency and productivity of organizations. As more cost-conscious businesses look for affordable UC (unified communications) solutions, UC specialist Avaya upgrades its IP Office solution with video and instant messaging capabilities.

Telephony calls using VoIP go above and beyond what’s been possible in the past. When it comes to placing telephone calls, VoIP provides a range of support services and features unequalled in the world of telephony, but above all deliver them at low cost. Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) basically, means “voice transmitted over a packet data network.” VoIP is often referred to as IP Telephony because it uses the IP protocols to make possible enhanced voice communications throughout the world, wherever IP connections have been delivered. IP Telephony unites a company’s many locations- including mobile workers- into a single converged communications network.


Technological innovation is changing the way we communicate. Avaya is attempting to take the fear factor out of unified communications for small businesses with a platform that keeps it simple. The new release offers configurations tailored for different user roles: Power User, Mobile Worker, Teleworker, Receptionist, Customer Service Supervisor and Customer Service Agent.

Avaya IP Office 6.0 is designed to be an easier and more affordable unified communications system for small business. “With Avaya IP Office 6.0 in place, small businesses don’t have to sacrifice easy, intuitive operation in order to get the enhanced communications features of large enterprises,” said Anthony Bartolo, general manager of Avaya’s small and medium enterprise communications division. “Our latest version provides SMEs with all of the next generation collaboration tools necessary for competing more effectively today against peers and larger competitors—and for thriving as the economy recovers.”

IP Office Release 6 is a release which allows IP Office systems to address better the needs of smaller sites, as well as adding considerable capabilities in the areas of multi-site networking, user productivity and new telephone sets. The IP Office can be a simple single site location system for as little as 2 users or multi-location networked company for up to 1000 Users.  Avaya IP Office Release 6 is an extremely flexible and robust system and is the right system for you!

Avaya one-X Portal for IP Office lets users manage communications from a business office, home office or on the road via a user-friendly Web browser-based interface (using a VPN and PC/phone combination). The updated release adds fully integrated instant messaging with embedded voice calling and presence – boosting both the speed and responsiveness of inter-office communications among co-workers. Additionally, the audio conferencing feature, which allows up to 64 parties when using a PRI T-1 on a single call, now provides the ability to view, add, drop and mute attendees, as well as record conference calls.

Successful companies are always looking for new ways to do more with less—keeping their business flexible, innovative and competitive without driving up operating costs and capital expenses. Avaya puts the solution at your fingertips with the IP Office communications system. The IP Office is easy to use and manage whether you are adding a new employee or an entirely new office, setting up a customer service help desk or outfitting an employee to work at home, IP Office keeps it simple.

The communications imperatives of small and medium businesses are remarkably similar to those of the largest of enterprises. You’re looking to control costs and to provide employees with access to voice and data services without having to juggle a dozen different devices. Your employees are perhaps becoming more dispersed, more consistently on the move, and you need to keep them connected with customers, colleagues and suppliers — securely, anytime, anywhere. You need a comprehensive communications solution that addresses these challenges, and that does so without overburdening your budget.

Creating an environment for commercial industries to grow is centered on a well-designed and engineered communication infrastructure. Voice and data communications technologies are converging into a unified information medium. By leveraging these newer communication technologies, businesses are able to gain a competitive edge by:

  • Getting closer to their customers
  • Decreasing time-to-market
  • Improving their business processes
  • Increasing productivity

Expand the possibilities of conducting your business in ways you never thought possible, using the Avaya IP Office system with Unified Communications to increase productivity, improve customer service, and realize significant savings. It can enable employees and management to have the communications capabilities they need to be productive and responsive no matter where they are working. And, it’s efficient to implement, manage, and use .In a business world characterized by fast growth and changing business models, telephony can as easily become a lever for change as an impediment to survival.

We have an evolutionary approach to IP versus a revolutionary approach. We provide a migration strategy that allows our customers to implement both traditional voice and new IP-based services. Other vendors require their customers to move immediately to a pure IP infrastructure for both voice and data. We have taken a different approach that allows our customers to migrate to IP when you are ready, and focus on the applications you need today. This approach provides better reliability while still taking advantage of new technology. Every small and mid-size business needs ways to reduce costs and improve the way it operates. Like every business, you’re looking to keep all your customers, add new ones and grow at the pace that’s right for you. With over one hundred years of experience as a leader in communications, we know that the right solution for your business is one that helps you increase profitability, improve productivity and gain competitive advantage.

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP


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