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Staying Relevant –  Regardless of Market Conditions


I believe that there are many opportunities that present themselves in a challenging market that a savvy business leader can take advantage of.  We have more control than we think we do. Our positive energy, our belief system, our attitude, our actions have a huge impact on the life we live and the success we enjoy.  Do not to let the economy dictate your situation and success. Rather change your belief system and focus on opportunities instead of challenges.  This could be just right time to create new opportunities, while reinforcing existing business. Let the others wait for things to turn around. You take the leadership role.

There are always people who thrive in a bad economy and people who flounder in a sound economy.  Business success has a little to do with the economy, and more to do with belief, expectation, and consciousness. When people discuss “the economy,” the term is highly subjective and generally deceptive. Individual consciousness determines results far more than external economy. Use change to provide the “creative tension” to keep you moving forward. Tough times are opportunities to tap into your creativity, get your organization running like a well-oiled machine, and seek new ways of doing business.


Everyone is living in their own personal economy and creating results unique to their consciousness. Business leaders need to stop all the negative whining about the economy. The more you dwell on your perception of the economy the more you look for proof you are right. . I know what it’s like to have a passion for managing a business. I also know that it’s tough to do it on your own and you need all the help and wisdom that you can get, particularly when it comes to understanding the financial side of the business.

The spiritual side of creating new business is visualization. What you think today, how you feel, and what ideas you are creating are essentially creating the subconscious process that will allow for these situations to happen. Believe in yourself, your company, its products or services, and its people. Then, make the customer feel that same enthusiasm and belief. If you were to focus only on positives, while someone else focused on the negative, you may notice that for some reason success just happens to you if you:

  • Stay Positive
  • Listen To Your Customers
  • Create Something Wonderful


Economic trends are just that, trends.  Good economies move down and down economic trends move up.  The companies that are run right in good times are usually best positioned to succeed in bad times. Your business needs to come across as professional, and should project itself as a quality enterprise. Customers are attracted to quality, and they appreciate well run businesses that offer good value.

Your image and reputation is something to protect and uphold, and can reap you benefits and profits over the long term. Proactive accountability always is more effective then reactive accountability.  Keep your business viable and position it for success. Focus on the opportunities and be accountable to grow your business. Develop an obsession for turning out your best performance with every customer, every employee, and every coworker every day.


It is critical that your value equation be top notch.  Your value equation is based on the product and services your offer, how you offer them and what the client must give in return.  What they give is measured both financially and in the effort it takes to do business with you.  Customers don’t look to buy just for a low price.  They look at the total value they receive. This is a great time to look at your creativity and improve where you can.  What additional services can you provide your clients? Make sure that you’re aware of your target market, your customers and your audience. If you listen to what they want, your business has a strong chance of staying relevant, regardless of market conditions.

The secret here is not only change your perspective from lack to abundance but when someone tries to tell you different let them know that there will always be people that will need your service or product and there is no reason why they won’t buy it from you! Share with them that spreading bad news is not the solution it is only contributing to the problem. True leaders shine and separate their businesses from the rest of the pack.

  • They know from experience that there is always a plan for success available so they keep digging until they find it.   
  • They focus more on what’s working than what isn’t. 

Don’t be afraid of being called an optimist. Every day I see people who know that no matter what is going on in the marketplace, there are many ways to win in this economy. You have a choice each day as to how you will face that day. Your choice is either one of adversity or prosperity. People who start the day with a prosperity mindset automatically think of creative ways to outsmart the market. People with a prosperous mindset look for ways to inspire other people to go where they didn’t think they could go. Now is the time to find the good things that exist in your business. Build your plan to connect to them and your opportunity will come into a much clearer focus.  Leaders with a prosperous mindset see obstacles as an opportunity to win when others might see only doom and gloom. 

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP


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