Hands Free Communication

With businesses now determined to continue to produce more work with fewer resources, making sure employees are as productive as possible can have a positive impact on profitability. Getting workers hands-free when it comes to phone communication can quickly and easily create a more productive business environment. From small businesses with just a couple of employees, to large enterprises with many hundreds of people on the payroll, business headsets are an integral part of any successful business. Today’s Businesses require innovations in communication that allow for an easier and more flexible connection with clients, suppliers and partners all over the world.

Headsets are a versatile and affordable choice for hands-free telephone use. They provide mobility, comfort, and a level of sound quality that makes them an excellent partner at a reasonable price. They have so many applications that they can be used by virtually anybody in any industry. Your staff will be able to react to calls as quickly as possible, doing away with the need for continually picking up and putting down a telephone receiver and in some cases, actually touching the telephone itself to answer or end the call.


Receptionist duties can be seriously enhanced by the addition of a quality business headset and any job that involves dealing with customers on the phone will undoubtedly be made easier with a telephone headset. Your sales staff can take orders over the phone while wearing the latest in innovative, stylish and ergonomic telephone headsets.

If someone has to hold a phone with one hand, this can make it difficult to reach for information, type on a keyboard, or stand up to ask for clarification from a colleague. However, if they are wearing a business headset then their job immediately becomes easier.


Today’s multi-tasker needs to have hands free to do other tasks, while remaining in constant conversation with the person on the phone. This could be a customer, a supplier or another employee and all these people will appreciate the more attentive contact they receive from someone wearing a business headset. It’s less likely that information will have to be repeated or that the person on the phone will have to be put on hold whilst information is being sought. In today’s fast-paced work environments, the work simply demands greater output than can be achieved when single-tasking.

A wireless headset is fantastic because it allows you the freedom to walk up to 100 meters away from your desk phone with perfect call clarity. Combine your wireless headset with an optional handset lifter and you can also answer and end calls up to 100m away from your desk. Wireless Headsets provide an easier and neat solution for small office staff who wishes to have the option of full mobility around their office while continuing the call that they are on.


The following are some tips on what to look for in a headset:

  • Flexibility. Search for a headset that is flexible and can adjust to fit a variety of needs. For instance, select a headset that offers multiple wearing styles – over the head, in the ear, and behind the neck. At least one of these will solve the worker’s concern about hairstyle and comfort. If it easily switches from one style to another, workers will find this attractive as well.
  • Lightweight. Make sure the unit is incredibly lightweight, adding to the comfort, so they can “forget” they are wearing it.
  • Range. A headset should offer plenty of range for extended reception, allowing freedom of functioning throughout the office environment. This is especially helpful for home-based telecommuters.
  • Reception. A headset is only as good as its reception and sound quality, which should be good whether roaming or sitting at the desk on the handset. Some headsets have lesser sound quality, forcing the employee back to his or her desk when on business calls.

 The best headsets I’ve seen that incorporates all these features and more are Plantronics.


Helping employees become more productive on the job is simple when you give them the tools to work more effectively. There are many ergonomic benefits that create a more positive work environment for the employer and employee.  Avatel can help you understand the latest technology that can make your communications even stronger. Finding the right headset can help maximize productivity and protect a company’s most valuable asset – its employees. If you would like to discuss your hands-free options, contact: 866-835-2661

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP


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