Successful Mindset in a Recovering Economy

All projections and forecasts moving forward point to a recovering and improving economy. The question which seems in “play” is how soon.  Maintaining optimism has been difficult through most of 2009 and the slowdown presented many challenges, including a slower pace of business activity and tighter cash flows. While no one person is confident in their predictions, that should not preclude you from growing your business, or in some cases rebuilding your business.

We believe that even with the challenges we have faced, there are many reasons to have a positive outlook.  While newscasters have been predicting the economic perfect storm, many of us are looking at our best year yet. Our company decided early on that we would NOT participate in the recession.  As a result of that, we have enjoyed an increase in market share, got a jump on the competition and positioned ourselves to capitalize as things turn around, which they are!

“Success seems to be largely a matter of hanging on
after others have let go.”
~ William Feather

The smartest thing we can all do right now is to keep getting better which gives us a tremendous edge on the other companies who are sitting on the sidelines right now. We feel that the more you focus on fear, the more afraid you will become and the more you focus on today’s economic doom and gloom news and headlines, the less time, energy, and faith you will have to focus on growing your thriving and well-networked business. Your attitude and belief system affect everything you do. By paying attention to what you can do to improve your business climate and believing you can make a difference and succeed, you will stand a far better chance for succeeding.

We are almost half way through the year. This is a good time to pause for a moment and review what’s working, and more importantly, what isn’t working. Look at your current situation with a fresh set of eyes; then, establish goals for where you would like it to be. Do not be constrained by what you think is likely to happen, instead consider what you want to happen.

The fact of the matter is that 2008 and 2009 were among the most challenging times businesses have ever endured. But, we have weathered the storm and we can take pride in that accomplishment. To capitalize on that in the second half of 2010 and into 2011, we all need to get excited about the business again. Consider the possibilities and let yourself dream just a bit. Remember the energy and enthusiasm you had when you first started your company and then re-inject that vigor into your business today. Successful organizations and individuals have a great propensity to action. While others talk about what to do, leaders do it. Don’t let the after effects of the recession freeze you into inaction.

As the economy has moved toward recovery, we all need to get closer to our sales team and listen to the conversations they’re having with our prospects and clients. We need to find out what they are facing and consider how our marketing plans need to adjust to what we learn. This is a good time to determine what our current value is to our clients. Rather than invest time and energy talking about how slow things are, we need to ask ourselves questions that create a more resourceful state of business such as:

  • How can I continue to create massive value for my clients and customers?
  • What do I need to change in my business to keep up with changes occurring for my clients? 
  • What do I need to do to grow my business?
  • Am I being as productive as I need to be to grow my business?
  • Have I done all I can to keep our company name in the forefront of current and potential clients?

We also have to make a commitment to concentrate on the basics and to excel at them daily. We have to increase training for our employees to increase skill sets and make sure to celebrate the wins.  We need to review our offer messaging to focus around product and service benefits. Rather than highlighting what our product does or how it does it, we should discuss what problem it solves or how it will save money or resources to our customers.

The way we think about business, becomes even more important at this time and a business with a mindset, or culture, of everyday innovation and relentless improvement can improve its position more quickly now than ever before. The success mindset requires you to give your best effort in everything. Why try at all if you’re not willing to give 100%.

Think this through very carefully. Whatever you do and in whatever industry you are in, you must give it your all. Success requires nothing less than this. If you think this is too intimidating, then perhaps you’re not ready for success yet.  Most companies execute business strategies without having a clear, compelling idea of what they are aiming for or how to get there. Know exactly where you want the new economy to take you. Clarity of your vision and your goals is the starting point for an opportunity mindset. When your success thinking is fading and your success mindset is weakening, you MUST find the energy and perseverance to push yourself forward!

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP


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