Opportunity is Knocking – Make a GREAT First Impression

  Opportunity is knocking! Your phone system may be the first point of contact between you and your customers. Talk about first impressions; telephone greetings are critical, they are the door way to your business. You wouldn’t put a handmade sign on the outside of your office door; why have your telephone greetings recorded by an amateur?  Prospects are deciding whether or not to do business with you. A pleasant phone greeting is essential to a successful call because it sets the stage emotionally. Every business, from major corporations to home-based operations should take time to carefully consider their phone image.  A well-crafted greeting is an essential marketing tool for your business. The reality is callers quickly form an opinion of a business by what they hear on the other end.      


Give your business a friendly, professional voice greeting and establish instant credibility with your callers. A quality voicemail greeting says a lot about your business and reflects your high standards. More and more small business owners are realizing that their voicemail greeting plays a large role in impressing their customers and bolstering their image. Those business owners who want their company to stand out are utilizing professional voice services that specialize in recording custom phone greetings. Professional voice prompts and telephone greeting services are a necessity in business telecommunications, they can:         

  • Give your business added credibility
  • Enhance the professional presentation of your business
  • Turn your phone system or voicemail into a sales and advertising tool



There is no substitute for the image you create with a polished, professional recording. Telephone greetings are a powerful part of doing business and by using a professional voice you can ensure that your business image is professional and that callers can clearly understand the messages. A professional voicemail greeting can make a positive impression on your callers or it can alienate them before you even speak to them. Put yourself in your caller’s place and ask yourself “How would I want to be treated if I couldn’t immediately talk to the person that I called? What would I want to know from the voicemail greeting? What should I do?”        



People tend to underestimate voicemail greetings and that usually results in losing valuable customers and that results in a loss in revenue. Professionally recorded voice greetings and prompts help clients feel they are associating with a stable, established company and make a positive impression.  Callers are more apt to place more confidence in a company or phone interaction where the phone presence is confident, clear and professional. In general, listeners tend to mirror or “catch” the emotional states of speakers. This is a principle of communication that holds true whether one is speaking to a group of 1000, a small meeting of 10, or a single customer over the telephone. In other words, people respond in kind.         

 Your business communications are an integral part of your success. What your clients hear directly affects the image of your business. Any good salesman will tell you that 50% of the sale is presentation. But before you can sell your product or service, you have to sell the client on your business. These days, presenting a professional “face” to your customer base isn’t an option; it is critical to the survival of your business.           


 When you set up your business phone system its worth paying extra attention to the messages you script.  Each phone message or greeting is an opportunity to positively present your company and reinforce your image and brand that reflects the mindset and goals of your company. Here are a few examples:       

  • Welcome greeting/Auto Attendant – An auto attendant is the first voice that a caller will hear when they dial through to your company phone line. The auto attendant greets the caller and establishes trust while branding your company. 
  • After the caller has heard the auto attendant, the same voice guides them through their otions, such as press 1 for sales and press 2 for service etc. These prompts can direct callers to the most suitable extension and also provide useful information such as regular office hours.  It is useful to give callers the option to dial zero at any time so they can skip the prompts and talk directly to a ‘real’ person.
  • After Hours Message: set up an after-hours message that will thank the caller for phoning and provide instructions to leave a message or phone back on the next business day.
  • Holiday Messages:  Consider recording a message prepared for statutory holidays, you can customize the message for your customers and present it to them at the appropriate time.

 Not sure who to contact?  Allow one of our Communications Specialists to evaluate your needs and put you in contact with a Voice Recording Specialist at our state-of-the-art recording studio. Just remember, you never get a second chance to make a first impression! Contact your Avatel at 866.835.2661. Your improved company image is just a professional phone greeting away!       

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP             

































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