Innovation is Still Alive in America

As a result of changing market needs and growth in competition, companies’ competitiveness is increasingly being determined by their innovation capacity. Technology is the great leveler, the powerful ingredient that can catapult a company, an industry, and even a country to the head of the class almost overnight.

America is on top in terms of technological innovation, but if we don’t keep working really hard and create policies that allow us to innovate, we could lose our status. The Telecom industry has stood out for its place in the US economy, and new services and innovation are destined to keep this industry shining.

The telecom industry has become a fast-moving, energetic market, with explosive growth that attracts some of the best minds in the world. In an accelerating industry, innovations rule and we now view the word telecom as – literally “communication over distance” – which is now the best descriptor for our industry. Telecom is not just voice; it’s about anything that helps connect people and things.

As a loyal and long-term Avaya Business Partner, I would like to say a few things about Avaya and their dedication to outstanding innovation.  They have proven they are committed to quality and excellence in solutions that benefit the customer experience as well as ROI for the companies that use them.

Avaya Labs, the world-class R&D arm of Avaya Inc., has built up a track record of moving leading-edge technology into products and services; it accelerates product innovation and mitigates technical risk. They have a history of delivering for today and innovating for the future. Working closely with customers, Avaya Labs is shaping the future of intelligent communication, building on the twin foundations of reliable secure ubiquitous communication and superior customer service solutions.  Through communication solutions, Avaya is focused on helping to improve customer service, worker productivity, and business efficiency, across the distributed enterprise.

Avaya embraces and cultivates innovation and that is good for Brand America. They have introduced breakthrough technologies for decades and have no intention of slowing down. In fact, they have raised the bar recently through a new collaborative innovation model.  They have brought together Avaya customers, Avaya Labs, and their world-class software development professionals at Avaya Global Services.

Through this approach, Avaya is engaged with their customers in the innovation process and bring next-generation solutions to market faster. These innovations will change the way customers do business and allows them to become part of the process. Avaya is constantly on the move, looking for fresh, winning ideas to advance the state of the art. No doubt they can do some of that alone, but the best innovations come from ideas that are developed along with Avaya customers. This type of dialog creates magic through the solutions that come from their collaborative innovation process that takes aim at urgent business issues and opportunities.

So how can Avaya’s innovative use of communications help address issues in your organization?

Join us as Avaya unveils the latest game-changing Avaya products, solutions and services. On July 20, 2010, Avaya will unveil its broadest and deepest line of new collaboration and contact center tools ever, and you are cordially invited to be among the first to see it via a very special one-hour virtual event.

Tuesday, July 20th, 2010, 1:00 – 2:00 pm EDT


  • Kevin Kennedy, President & Chief Executive Officer, Avaya
  • David Downing, Vice President & General Manager, Avaya Unified Communications
  • Joel Hackney, Senior Vice President & President, Avaya Sales and Marketing and Field Operations
  • Anthony Bartolo, Vice President & General Manager, Avaya Contact Center Solutions
  • Jorge Blanco, Vice President Product Marketing, Avaya Contact Center Solutions
  • Drew Kraus, Research Vice President, Gartner

Join us at

We look forward to sharing our vision for the future with you. You’ll watch a new definition of collaboration and customer service materialize before your eyes.

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP


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