Small Business Contact Centers – Optimize Resources and Generate More Revenue

Small business entrepreneurs have been quick to embrace the fact that communication technologies have leveled the playing field. Given the development in technology, especially in communications, small businesses can now have capabilities that only large companies could access. Small businesses around the world have stood firm in the face of tough times by utilizing a wide range of strategies for streamlining their business processes and delivering value to their customers.

Driving revenue requires different approaches for different organizations, but communications is a key element for almost everyone. Recent developments in technology and fierce competition among manufacturers have now made it possible for small businesses to have access to contact center solutions, which in the past was limited only to larger companies. Given this, small businesses can equip themselves with the tools that can help them grow their businesses further at a faster and more effective way.

Old thinking says that building and running a contact center is a task best left to “the big organizations. The new technologies provide unique opportunities to leverage the small business’s ability to innovate and adjust quickly to conditions in the marketplace. Small Businesses that are using contact center solutions enable their business to meet the needs of customers, optimize resources and generate more revenue.

Efficient handling of inbound service calls translates to a good reputation and brand enhancement. Effective outbound calling stimulates revenue. The call received or taken often sets the tone of the customer’s lifelong relationship with a company. The impression left can create a positive energy or a lasting negative spin. Even small efficiency gains can produce large results in the right operation. A company will spend thousands of dollars on branding that can be wiped out in minutes with a bad call.

While telephony remains a popular channel for customers to reach companies, in a consumer-driven, Internet-enabled world, your customers aren’t just calling you. They want to reach you via email, IM, text, and more. And simply taking calls isn’t enough to keep customers loyal—you need to proactively reach out to build relationships, upsell, and solve problems before they become deal-breakers. In short, you need a contact center. You need to reach your customers using the communications channels they want. You need to balance inbound and outbound communications so that no one is left waiting. And you have to do all of this while cutting costs, improving agent efficiency, and maximizing the value of every customer.

Small businesses have always needed call/contact center technology; they’ve just never been able to afford it until now. In recent years, considerable change has taken place. Call/Contact center software runs on industry-standard servers, just as databases do; integrating applications is much simpler than it used to be. So what’s possible with small business contact center solutions that can support less than 50 agents?  It turns out there’s quite a lot.  Here are features you’ll want to factor in when you set up your small business contact center:  

  • Agent desktop productivity tools
  • Multiple-queues for special call handling and routing
  • Call recording
  • Interactive voice response (IVR) self-service

As an Avaya Business Partner, we would suggest the Avaya IP Office solution. Avaya has taken the expertise that has made it the industry leader in large contact centers and tailored it to the needs of small growing businesses that will lower your operating costs, boost employee productivity, and deliver superior service to your customers.

The Avaya IP Office allows you to take swift action to optimize call routing and ensure service levels with a powerful new contact center reporting application and is also accessible via Web browser. Customer Call Reporter can track customer service progress and agent productivity, while using alarms to help administrators react to issues in real-time. With Customer Call Reporter, agents can see how they are performing against workgroup averages, while supervisors can track factors such as the number of agents logged on, as well as calls arriving, waiting or lost. The IP Office will optimize your staff’s productivity so your customers enjoy a professional, differentiated experience.

With the IP Office you can easily archive all recorded calls and seamlessly search and replay any conversation through a browser interface and access the exact information you want. Use the replay controls to start, stop, pause, skip forward/ backward, or to export the recording to search by date, time, parties, length or target extension number. Use your results to understand problems or opportunities in customer service.

The majority of small businesses don’t think of themselves as being big enough to have a contact/call center; however, when you speak to the owners of small businesses, they all have sales, collections and service departments. The good news for small businesses is that there are affordable solutions for small businesses to dramatically increase their sales and customer service through the use of next generation contact center technologies.

By strengthening and expanding the range of communications capabilities available to small businesses today, Avaya gives SMEs the tools necessary to compete in today’s challenging business environment. We understand that you often face many of the same challenges that larger enterprises face. Because we know that ccustomers are the life-blood for your business, implementing a contact center solution is essential for the overall health of your organization.

Contact an Avatel  Contact Center Specialist at 866.835.2661 to help your business meet and exceed the service level expectations of your customers, while driving employee productivity and controlling operational costs.

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP


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