Success is not random or a matter of luck – We are the Architects of our own Destiny

Success is not random or a matter of luck. Success is goal accomplishment. Success is harmony. It is simply a matter of all the components of the process of creation working together to create the intended result. It requires a formula that will provide the desired outcome. Those with the formula for success are the ones who win. You are the architect of your own destiny, through relentless perseverance; you can take steps towards achieving your future goals.

Destiny is not a matter of chance; it is a matter of choice. Every choice you make right now has an impact on your future and the future of others. Whether you want to accept this or not, it is true. We are all the architects of our own future. No one can think for you, no one can work for you, no one can dream for you and no one can turn those dreams into reality for you. Only you can feel for yourself and only you can do it!

Your future is not to be forecast, but created. Success is something you attract by the person you become. Continuous personal development is the key to continuously moving to the next level. Just when you think you’re done developing, there’s always another dimension or new lesson to learn. Successful entrepreneurs regularly identify their areas of development and seek out resources that provide the skills or competencies to move ahead.

We all know that destiny is not a matter of chance but a matter of choice. Destiny is not a thing that comes automatically to us but to be achieved. In other words, the decisions that we make shape our future or in other words, our destiny.

I DO believe in the power of positive thinking and the expectant power of the brain in conjunction with good goal setting and planning. We can be more confident in believing in our success if we have a strategic action plan in place to achieve it. Having what you truly desire begins with adopting a winning attitude. By positively channeling your attitude and thoughts, using empowering language, and taking action, you’ll be sufficiently equipped to successfully accomplish any goal.

It has been clearly proven that the thoughts we think dramatically influence the experiences we create in our lives. Everything we have is the result of a thought. Before something is created, it always exists first as an image or thought in the Universal conscious awareness. This means that if we consciously direct our thoughts, we have a great deal of power to control what happens in our lives and to shape our reality. In order to do this, we must connect with this powerful force that we are all part of.

Our level of consciousness determines our success in life, including business. Those who seek to raise their consciousness will see their success in business rise with it. Those who seek to raise their skills, knowledge, energy, strength, motives, attitudes, and values will see life respond on the outside accordingly. Use this power consciousness to take control of your business and your destiny. It can guide you towards taking massive actions in achieving ones goals while making you aware of every action you take. Raising your consciousness is pertinent for power, and be sure that this power is used for building trust and goodwill with your customers and business associates.

Through the way we think and feel we can choose to send out negative vibrations or positive vibrations. If we take this one step further it would mean that the way you and I think and feel can change the world for the better. Our vibrating, positive energy can influence those around us. Imagine then creating a global focus with positive emotions. Each day, more people are awakening to the realization that we are connected to each other, to the planet, and to the universe at large.  Consciousness is blossoming, and I truly believe we are living in a time where humanity will awaken to a new reality.

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP



  1. Sue Knight

    “Success IS just a matter of luck. Ask anyone who fails.”
    Just kidding. Love your post and its points.

  2. Azam

    Thanks, Love your posts;)

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