Avaya is about to change the way you do business

Communications innovation has long been the focus for both Avaya and NES.  As a combined company, this focus has become sharper and stronger through the ability to innovate. The combination of two voice-technology leaders in the enterprise communications market has been positive news for customers. Both companies have a strong philosophy of supporting system migration and upgrades, thereby protecting customer investments in their respective technologies. Given this philosophy, Avaya has worked hard on the installed base and has created migration plans that will facilitate the integration of new technologies across both installed bases, thereby extending the significant investments made by customers.

Avaya did an impressive job of rolling out its roadmap in a timely fashion in January, providing customers with the reassurance that they do not have to make any sudden changes, and that their products will be supported for several years to come. In addition, Avaya laid out a migration roadmap, helping to bring Nortel and Avaya customers to the next generation of communication products – based on SIP, open systems, with an evolutionary path. Avaya’s plan is to help customers by protecting their existing investments, extending with new applications and value, and growing into a future enterprise-wide architecture.

Avaya’s Vision is redefining the Business Communication Experience, how users communicate with each other, within teams and groups and with partners and customers. The goal is to create business communications solutions that are highly effective, yet easy to use, implement and support.

  • The systems will be open to innovation by Avaya, partners, and customers themselves.
  • Leverage existing investments (such as legacy PBXs) wherever practical. 
  • Strive to bring context (historical tracings) of communications forward to enhance current sessions.
  • To directly integrate communications technologies into business operational systems.
  • Basing the architecture on SIP is a key method to deliver this.
  • Once an open SIP architecture is deployed, it can then be leveraged as a communications application platform that delivers an environment where communications and information are truly unified. This is summarized as PLUG AND PLAY COMMUNICATIONS.

Avaya Aura is the core to Plug and Play communications.  Aura is the open- Standards SIP based architecture that is more than just an incremental improvement over current architectures.  This is a fundamental change in how communications are architected and delivered. The architecture separates the different components or layers, allowing users and their devices to be decoupled from the networks and applications.  This means that now end users can define the communication services that they receive not by their network or location but by the requirements of their job.

Another key focus for the future is the Next Generation Context Center. NGCC is the next step in fulfilling Avaya’s vision of helping enterprises and organizations deliver exemplary, next-generation customer care.  NGCC allows enterprises and organizations to leverage real-time and historical information to deliver context-sensitive, collaborative, voice and enhanced multimedia interaction.  As a software-only, SIP-based solution with standard SOA and Web Services interfaces, NGCC helps enterprises and organizations anticipate, automate and accelerate customer interactions. The 3 components are– core cc platform, the dynamic agent and agentless contact center:

For the small and medium size business, the focus is on simplicity and the expanded channel coverage. Back in January, Avaya discussed the evolutionary paths for legacy systems that are ideally suited with the IP Office.  One key advantage that was highlighted is the connection to the enterprise Avaya Aura portfolio – the new roadmap you will see on July 20th will make this tie even stronger. 

To support the goal to continue innovating in this space, Avaya will roll out the vision for what’s possible in the future for SMEs. The core platform for the SME business is the IP Office.  Quite a bit going on here as you might imagine.  During the virtual launch on the 20th Avaya will get into the details of the convergence, specifically covering what’s in release 6.1 due this fall and the subsequent release.

The next release of IP Office will be part one of our convergence transition. IP Office 6.1 will also focus on simplifying the installation experience by consolidating all applications into a single DVD.  And while today the server hosting those applications has to be a Windows based server, this release will enable you to put those applications on Linux, shaving install time and cost.  Avaya will also provide greater choice and improved quality with SIP service providers.  Connection to Avaya Aura in large enterprise branches is an advantage that IP Office already brings to the table.  In addition, it’s been tested and compliant to work with Avaya Aura Session Manager.   And this year we are bringing the IP Office technology to the edge of an Avaya Aura network.  It will be the branch office solution for numerous customer scenarios.

The one-X portal application will improve when the user interface is made more consumer-like.  Similar improvements will be made to the Customer Call Reporter application where we’ll also enhance the available statistics to make it a richer solution for the SME’s business. Several months after this solution is made available, we’ll deliver the sequel release for convergence. 

The 1H2011 IP office release brings significant content and value in the area of convergence – this is in fact the main convergence release.  In addition to this, the release includes functionality that will further enhance the overall quality of the user and partner product experience.  The overall result will deliver a solution that connects to literally millions of other existing systems in the global market and that delivers rich UC functionality for partners that makes it easy for them to win in the SME market.

On July 20, Avaya will unveil its broadest and deepest line of new collaboration and contact center tools ever. I would strongly suggest you attend the virtual launch announcement to hear from Avaya leadership about the new solutions to help customers address an array of communications needs: 

  • Collaboration Systems: Avaya returns spontaneity, rich context, and more personal interaction to business communications, putting key tasks and players within easy reach. Now a remote connection can be as personal as a hallway chat or a face-to-face meeting.
  • Communications Architecture: Avaya’s next-generation, flexible SIP-based communications architecture enables customers to simplify their networks, save on associated costs, and extend new capabilities to all locations in the enterprise, while supporting a broad ecosystem of vendors and choices.
  • Contact Center: Avaya is redesigning customer care by making the context of a customer’s experience present in every interaction. Experts from around the globe can be instantly linked in, fully aware and ready to serve.
  • Data Networking: Avaya’s data networking products are purpose built to address the most critical requirements of real time communications, providing up to seven times more resiliency and twenty times better performance than Cisco.

I want to emphasize that as THE specialist in global business communications, Avaya develops and delivers the kind of innovation required to truly differentiate real-time communications.  This is why Avaya is the vendor of choice for enterprises large and small who want to enhance the performance and growth of their businesses. Earlier this year, we communicated the first Integration Roadmap. Now, Avaya continues that momentum with the next level of detail in the Avaya Integration Roadmap 2.0.


You are cordially invited to be among the first to see it via a very special one-hour virtual event on Tuesday, July 20, 2010 from 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm EDT. You’ll watch a new definition of collaboration and customer service materialize before your eyes.

Please register for this event today at: http://tiny.cc/g2b74

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP


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