The Future of “Fit for Purpose” Networks is Here!

Your network is a key business asset that enables communications, transactions and a variety of other critical functions. It’s challenging to keep up with today’s ever-changing services and the proliferation of new applications. Let’s explore the vision of the networking industry, the issues shaping its future and the technologies needed to ensure businesses are prepared to meet new challenges and opportunities.  As the world and workforces disperse, there must be fast and reliable connections from anywhere at any time for the data center to help increase efficiency and competitiveness.

As more companies begin to depend heavily on data networking to drive their operations, the need to have long-lasting, reliable, and efficient network systems becomes increasingly important. All businesses will need a network infrastructure solution to accommodate the evolving technology landscape in the data center and the strategy for expanding their data center’s capabilities into a new age.

As business systems become more sophisticated and pervasive, the role that the network plays in the day-to-day success of the Business correspondingly grows. Successful businesses need to develop a data network that delivers all the functionality and the solutions that are the Industry’s best for always-on availability, streamlined efficiency, & dynamic scalability.

There has to be a new level of synergy between people, the collaborative real-time applications they use, and the underlying, enabling network.  As real-time communications continue the evolution to IP, the data network becomes completely integrated into the delivery of communications-enabled business services and mission critical business applications.

The new Data Solutions offer a versatile portfolio of networking products that allow enterprises to build networks that are characterized as Always-On, highly efficient, and highly Scalable. Data network solutions have to provide reliability, performance, and security that customers throughout the world depend on to run their businesses.

The growing use of the network for real-time communications and collaboration – Unified Communications, requires a dramatic change in network architecture. Traditional, general purpose network architectures were not designed to cost-effectively address this new world of Unified Communications; new network strategies are needed. UC solutions remove the barriers between voice, email, conferencing, video and other applications, resulting in a unified communications experience for businesses.

Avaya has identified what it sees as the most critical performance requirements for today’s networks – resiliency, efficiency and scalability, and made solving those specific challenges the driving force behind its portfolio of Fit for Purpose enterprise network solutions.

To meet the challenge with Fit for Purpose infrastructure capabilities that combine performance on the most demanding real-time applications with compelling economics. The Avaya Data Solutions portfolio’s unique value is the compelling strategy that identifies the most critical network performance requirements and delivers the best possible solution to meet a customer’s requirements.

The challenge is keeping your network in line with new technology while remaining within a reasonable cost structure. You cannot afford to waste precious IT resources installing and configuring network devices, nor can you continue relying on incomplete third-party vendor monitoring products or leveraging general trap views without advanced correlation capabilities.  The fully integrated suite of tools provides unified management capabilities across data and voice networks—including switches, routers, and call servers. It offers a single view of the network, allowing businesses to streamline and integrate workflows. The tools also reduce installation, configuration and maintenance time.

Avaya’s Data Solutions portfolio is comprised of:

  • Ethernet Switching: a range of integrated routers, gateways and appliances that allow enterprises to reliably and securely connect their branch sites
  • Unified Branch: a range of routers and Virtual Private Network (VPN) appliances that provide a secure connection for branches
  • Wireless Networking: a cost-effective and scalable solution enabling enterprises to deploy wireless coverage
  • Access Control: solutions that provide policy decision to enforce role-based access control to the network
  • Unified Management: support for data and voice networks by simplifying the management requirements across functional areas

Since the addition of the data business to the Avaya portfolio last year, Avaya Data Solutions is experiencing a dramatic increase in business momentum, resulting in four consecutive quarters of quarter-over-quarter order growth. This growth is thanks to the multi-pronged strategy: wins in key vertical markets, new ‘Fit for Purpose’ market strategy.

Avaya Unified Communications Management (UCM) provides fully integrated, comprehensive management capabilities across data and voice, over both wired and wireless networks. To date, Avaya is the only vendor that can provide integrated management across these network types.

Analyst quote – “Avaya is bringing to market an innovative data portfolio that delivers ‘no compromise’ reliability, scalability and efficiency. Enterprises should never have to compromise one aspect of network performance for another, and Avaya’s Data portfolio delivers all three,” said Zeus Kerravala, Distinguished Research Fellow, Yankee Group.

Gartner positioned Avaya Data Solutions in the Niche quadrant in two recent Magic Quadrant reports: 2010 Enterprise LAN and 2010 Network Access Control. Year-over-year performance shows a significant increase in Avaya’s ability to execute, indicating that they are on the right trajectory toward leadership

See Aug. 4, 2010 press release – Avaya Data Solutions Gain Business Momentum –

Avatel’s Networks Services and Avaya’s new data solutions will help you gain meaningful insight and unprecedented control to simplify your network operations and reduce your cost. To help you solve your tough networking problems, contact one of our data specialists at 866.835.2661 to provide assessment, design, implementation and educational services built around your specific needs.

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP


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