Communication Solutions That Helps Small Business Fuel the Economy

In any economy small businesses are the real drivers; they generate employment and distribute wealth widely. Small businesses provide catalytic benefits to the economy and are in a better position to move very quickly in terms of how they align their resources and address customer needs. That’s just the way they’re used to doing it, in good times and bad. It all stems from the passion they have for their business and their customers.

They contribute to national output; and to the society as a whole; beyond the spending and profit they generate. They have the ability to respond to new situations quickly and they are close to their customers. But perhaps most importantly, they keep alive the entrepreneurial spirit, which gives them a sense of vision to perceive new opportunities. They are critical and a driving force in the country’s ability to stave of economic crises.  The new entrepreneurs will introduce the technologies needed to drive job creation and stimulate the economy.

While Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) have been affected by the economy, most keep investing in their business. In the current economic environment, competition is raging. As a result these small businesses are more focused more on growing their business than cutting cost and they cannot grow without hiring people.

Beyond the jobs created by small business, there’s another factor that helps drive the economy: They prefer innovation, diversity, experimentation, and feedback and they will be ultimate survivor of recession periods. Small business embodies the spirit of possibility, the relentless work ethic, and the hope for something better.

Now is the time for business owners to innovate and make an investment in their business. Many are leveraging technology to support their growth and stay competitive. New technology is leveling the playing field between small businesses and their larger competitors and more small businesses are realizing that technology can open new doors for them to compete more effectively and operate more efficiently in ways that were only available to larger companies a few years ago.

There is a direct link between business growth and technology investments. Indeed a reliable communication system is necessary to ensure an unmatched customer service and responsiveness while its simplicity of use will help new SME hires to have an impact on the business in a minimum time.

As a member of the Avaya SME Business Partner Council and a small business owner myself, I understand the importance of fresh ideas that enable small businesses to better compete in the future. Through communication solutions, Avaya and the business partner council are focused on helping to improve customer service, worker productivity, and business efficiency for small business customers.

Avaya and their business partners like Avatel are doing everything we can to ensure that small businesses can keep taking risks to build the enterprises that fuel our economy and make us who we are. That’s why we’re working to bring technology to small businesses like the Avaya IP Office– making it easier to obtain the resources necessary for success.

The system was designed specifically to deliver the communications capabilities big businesses are used to, with the elegant simplicity and ease of use small businesses require. This helps SMEs, including those with less than 20 employees, differentiate themselves from competitors through enhanced employee productivity, lower costs, and improved customer service. The Avaya IP Office Advanced Edition provides an unprecedented set of leading-edge communications capabilities to drive effectiveness exactly where you need it.

 The IP Office has the tools to make it happen with solutions like:

  • OFFICE WORKER – This solution gives anyone using a PC a complete set of tools to work smarter and communicate more easily. Control all communications from the screen of their PC; get easy access to visual voicemail and use IM and presence capabilities to quickly reach co-workers.
  •  RECEPTIONIST – Provides streamline call handling with easy point-and-click call controls. See who’s calling and why. Integrate with commonly used database software and monitor all office extensions.  
  • CUSTOMER SERVICE AGENT – This solution is as a browser-based client that lets agents receive information on the number of calls on hold, in progress, lost, as well as the number of agents logged in and logged out.  
  • TELEWORKER – Users truly feel like a remote extension of the main office with the same phone and functionality they’d have in the office, and they turn their commute into productive time. Because it all goes through the IP Office system, you can hire talent from anywhere and save money. 
  • MOBILE WORKER – Makes any mobile phone an extension of the office phone system, with call handling features, speed dials and more. You get peace of mind knowing that when customers call, they are dialing your business number and your employees get the tools they need to stay in touch.  
  • POWER USER – The ultimate in communications accessibilityThis solution is designed to help your people be as productive as possible—anytime, anywhere. Employees can control office communications using an IP phone, mobile phone or laptop; conduct personal video calls; have calls ring simultaneously on all their devices; get automatically notified of important voice mails and e-mails and set up conference calls on the fly.

The key point is that in this economy, small businesses needn’t hide under the covers or worse, close up shop. They should recognize that well-run small companies have the ability to change and adapt more quickly. The right communications strategy can provide exactly what your business needs to make the difference between merely surviving and thriving in the marketplace.

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP


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