Mobilize Your Small Business Enterprise

Technological and cultural trends support the growing adoption of a mobile workforce. Workforce mobility can enhance productivity, motivation, flexibility and staff retention. What may be news, though, is how mobile we will become by year-end 2011. According to IDC, 75% of the U.S. workforce will be mobile. The large percentage comes thanks to the proliferation of high-speed networks, Wi-Fi technology, and mobile convergence.

For small businesses, the phenomenon that began as telecommuting and evolved into telework is now best described as distributed work, mobile work, or “just work”. The key distinction here is that telework is accomplished independent of location: from home, a hotel, a client’s office, the train, an airport, a car, or anywhere away from one’s primary place of employment.

Today, businesses are becoming increasingly reliant on mobility solutions as more of their employees are spending greater amounts of time out of the office. In order to be as productive as possible, employees need to be able to access accurate, real-time data as well as practical business tools the same as they would if they were sitting at their desk.

The new remote workplace options that are available today are fantastic options. With the majority of mobile workers spending significant amounts of time away from the office, employing staff who are trustworthy and self-motivated is essential, as are the provision of appropriate technologies and the recruitment of experienced managers who understand the nature of the mobile working.  Managers need to make sure that they stay in touch with their mobile workers and be aware of what they are working on. Managers must also be wary of miscommunication which is a danger when communication is not conducted in a face-to-face environment.

The mobility revolution can be explained by four main drivers:

  • Businesses (and individuals) like to communicate on the move
  • Mobility increases corporate productivity and competitiveness
  • Well-developed mobile technologies and services
  • Digital information and content are increasingly pervasive


As time and technologies advance there are both more reasons and more opportunities to shift our thinking to “work is something we do, not a place we go”, while addressing the flexibility and benefits, these technologies can provide. Many organizations, especially smaller ones, often do not comprehend that these ‘new ways of working’ are available. Small businesses have an advantage in this area as there is less internal red tape to cut through and decisions can be made more easily and quickly, such as one to implement a mobile workforce program. The hindrance is no longer technology, but rather a lack of willingness to adopt and use the latest innovative technologies. There are “no excuses” any more. The right technology allows remote employees to communicate easily and frequently—and to build a feeling of community.

Our business and 1,000’s of our happy customers know that the Avaya IP Office provides small businesses with powerful communications tools to enable mobile workers to be just as accessible and responsive as employees who work in the office. This enables small businesses to expand their labor pool by enabling people to work remotely – wherever that may be – with the full array of office phone capabilities.

The Avaya IP Office turns any phone (cell or home phone) into an extension of their office phone, with many of the same call handling features available in the office. Your staff gives out just one phone number – their office number – and calls ring simultaneously on any other designated phone, making it easy for customers, colleagues and vendors to reach them wherever they are. Calls flow through the network reducing costs by eliminating variable phone expenses and real estate requirements.

IP Office Mobile Workforce Benefits:

  • Enhanced customer service – Mobile sales and service staff stays connected and responsive to customers regardless of where they are. All calls that go through IP Office can be tracked and monitored to capture data on customer interactions.
  • Increased productivity – Access to people, messages and information help mobile employees deliver whether in or out of the office. Reduce or eliminate commute times. Expand business hours by hiring remote workers in different time zones.  If VPN connectivity is lost or bandwidth compromised, employees won’t miss important calls, they simply leverage their PC interface and home or wireless phones to stay connected. 
  • Reduced costs – Calls that are routed through IP Office take advantage of business calling plans, which can significantly reduce overall calling costs. Eliminate variable phone expenses for remote workers, and even reduce real estate leasing and facilities costs.
  • Strengthen your workforce – Hire the right people, regardless of where they live and grow your business with the most qualified people.


Mobility is becoming essential to the way we conduct business and successful decision making requires immediate access to the right people at the right time. Avatel offers a complete range of mobility solutions from the Avaya that are simple to use and flexible enough to meet the increasing demands of today’s businesses.

Avatel and Avaya are reinventing how successful organizations gain a competitive advantage by easily collaborating and communicating over distance and time with customers, coworkers and partners. We focus on mobility as a means to improve processes, increase productivity and help you gain your competitive edge. For more information about mobility solutions, call 866.835.2661 to speak with an Avatel Mobility Specialist.

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP


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