You didn’t know a phone system could do that?

In today’s fast-paced world, small businesses need to be able to compete on every level. An essential component of any successful business is great communication. Small business owners everywhere have surely, at one time or another over the economic upheavals of this past year, considered ways that they could cut their expenses and raise the level of productivity of their employees. Small businesses especially need to ensure that they are on the cutting edge of communication technology. State-of-the-art technology is– transforming the marketplace as we know it, including mobile communications and telephony applications – the future is happening now.

Being a small business owner myself and an Avaya Business Partner, I understand why a good phone system is a vital piece of technology within any company, enabling the smooth running of communications between staff and customers. In today’s corporate world it is almost impossible to have a successful business without a good business telephone system.

Tough times have a way of uncovering great business opportunities.  The challenge for most companies is being able to seize the moment when it arrives. If you’re a small business, your office phone system is one of your greatest assets as it allows your organization to improve productivity through enhanced communications and succeed in the market. An efficient and effective medium of communication is essential for every business organization for increasing its productivity and growing even in the cut throat competition.

Making the decision to invest in new technology isn’t always easy. In reality, unless you have just bought a new phone system in the last couple years you should be looking at what a good system could do for your business.  An IP PBX system, like the Avaya IP Office, is more than “just a phone”.  It is a direct conduit in which you communicate to your customers. The environment of the present day market is very competitive and challenging for business organizations, specially, the new and small sized ones. With the IP Office, survival has become easy for these organizations.

When we surveyed growing businesses, they told us:

  • Give me communications tools to serve my customers better—without increasing my costs.
  • Give me ‘big business’ communications capabilities—in a solution that’s easy to own, manage and change.
  • I’ve heard that I can save on my communications costs—show me how.
  • I want to make it easy for my employees to connect and collaborate– in the way that’s easiest for them.

The Avaya IP Office System has emerged as one of the best mediums of communications on the market today, which help organizations to maintain regular and effective communications with all the clients, employees and business partners. Small business telephone systems are becoming a lot more advanced as good communications are critical to a business’s success and play an intrinsic role in today’s competitive environment.

As a Premier Avaya Partner, Avatel can show you that today’s communications solutions are about more than just making and taking phone calls, they’re about building your business. What if you had a solution that allowed you to get your email and voice mail messages, phone calls and faxes on the device that makes the most sense for where you are at a particular time? What if you could give your customers just one phone number, so that no matter where you were you received their call? What if you could get your email messages read to you over the phone when you don’t have access to your laptop (such as when you are driving in your car)?

You didn’t know a phone system could do that?

Small businesses around the world are using communications to serve customers better, streamline operations and make it easier for your employees to work from anywhere. This is how…

  • Serve customers better – The Avaya IP Office allow users to setup an automated attendant that helps route calls appropriately so customers get the help they need rapidly. Send instant messages to your associates and customers, and use the conference facilities to resolve customer issues in a timely manner. Integrate voicemail and e-mail—see it altogether on any device—making customer relations more manageable and responsive .Such features allow companies of all sizes to significantly enhance the overall customer experience.
  • Streamline operations – The Avaya IP Office offers a rich suite of features that include caller ID display, call tagging and direct dialing. Auto attendant allows calls to be answered after hours or when employees are out of the office. The system also provides reporting tools to show you how well your business is supporting customers
  • Make it easier for your employees to work from anywhere – Employees can make and receive calls from their laptop with an internet connection, using their own office phone number. In addition, employees can route calls to and check voicemails directly from their mobile phone, and access centralized communication resources from anywhere, anytime.

When Avatel and Avaya provided this information, the overwhelming customer response was: “I didn’t know a phone system could do that”

Your business faces challenges every day. Implementing the right communications strategy is something that most small businesses overlook. Avatel can help you determine your communication needs to “wow” your customers, retain your best employees, reduce costs and increase your efficiency with the Avaya IP Office. Contact one of our representatives to schedule a free demo and show you how at 866.835.2661.

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP


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