The Game has Changed with the Avaya Flare Experience

Avatel is very excited about Avaya’s new Video Solutions that were introduced at the 2011 Avaya Global Sales and Americas Partner Conference in Las Vegas last week.

Avaya President and CEO Kevin Kennedy says that success in FY11 will depend upon differentiating ourselves with “fit for purpose” solutions that deliver greater value,  higher performance, greater reliability,  and market-leading, “people-first” usability.

Kennedy introduced the Avaya Flare™ experience, featuring the Avaya Desktop Video Device, and underscored several use cases showing how this technology “puts people first”:

  • Eliminating conference interruptions
  • Making a video call, leaving a video message
  • Placing documents and communication history at your fingertips
  • Placing the customer at the center of customer service

Avatel understands that to thrive in today’s uncertain economy, you have to collaborate with colleagues, partners, and customers around the globe at a moment’s notice. At the same time, you want to conduct your business in a way that enhances the quality of your relationships. Video conferencing tools can help your company respond quickly to customer demand, solve customer support issues, react to market opportunities, and battle competitive threats.


The Avaya Flare Experience is unlike anything you’ve seen. It spotlights tasks that need immediate attention. It lets you match your mode of communication to the task at hand, switching back and forth between IM, voice, video, email, and social media sessions. You can drag and drop contacts and content into collaboration sessions with a swipe of its touch-screen.

This exciting new video solution is a groundbreaking, next-generation workspace that delivers a uniquely compelling unified collaboration experience and makes making high definition video accessible in both cost and performance. It is the industry’s first next-generation user experience that delivers unique collaboration capabilities across video, voice and text.

The Avaya Flare Experience breaks down the barriers between today’s communications and collaboration tools. It centers on a unique user interface that offers quick and easy access to real-time communications and collaboration tools, including desktop video, social media, audio/video/web conferencing, multiple directories, presence and IM, contextual history and more.

The solution offers extensive flexibility through its Android™ operating system, the Avaya Flare Experience makes it easy for your business to create unique applications or to leverage third party offers. The Avaya Flare Experience is first available on the Avaya Desktop Video Device—a high definition 11.6” multi-touch screen with integrated HD camera, dual microphones and stereo speakers. Prop it up. Lay it flat. Dock it in the base station. Carry it down the hall. Take it home. How and where you use the Avaya Flare Experience is up to you.

Communicate more effectively – With HD video and voice built in, the Desktop Video Device provides for an enhanced experience and improves real time communications by leveraging gestures, body language, posture, facial expressions and eye contact

Focus on what needs your attention – Easily identify and manage time sensitive voice, video, IM, email and social media communications by leveraging the status indicators, history logs, IM alerts and calendar reminders.

There are several reasons why videoconferencing will enter the mainstream as the PC, smartphones and other forms of technology have. With the constant advances in video conferencing systems, it seems obvious that the technology will continue to evolve and become an integral part of business and personal life. It’s great to know that Avaya has “Flare”.

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP


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