The Importance of Feedback – From your Customers and your Employees

Feedback is an essential element of any successful business. Even if you’re happy with your current performance, it’s important to keep looking for ways to develop. If you don’t, you risk allowing your competitors the room to grow and take market share from you, which could seriously weaken your position.

Being able to lead and manage with quality feedback allows a company to bounce back faster from economic dips and changes in market trends. That makes a big difference when you are competing in today’s economic environment.

Getting feedback from customers and employees is vital for any business that expects to grow. Without knowledge, business leaders cannot make educated decisions. Uneducated decisions lead to a higher rate of failure, which can have detrimental impacts on a business. The lack of feedback can lead to frustrated customers, unmotivated employees and a negative corporate culture.

There is a clear shift taking place in business today. Successful companies are discovering the power of listening, both to their customers and their employees. Talk may be cheap, but listening to what your employees and your customers are saying about your business can be a valuable method of improving your business performance.


Employee Feedback

Mounting evidence suggests that the more engaged employees are in what they do, the better their performance and the higher the rewards for everyone. Ultimately, you must keep in mind that your employees are your company’s greatest assets. Their collective ideas, feedback and enthusiasm for what they do can help your business growth and success.

Employees often feel that their opinions are not looked for or listened to. Employees who are given the opportunity to provide feedback feel appreciated, important and understood. Never be scared of getting the opinions of your employees and remember that most people work better with their own ideas than ideas that have been forced upon. When employees feel like they have a voice, they won’t feel stifled or fearful of sharing their opinions.


Let employees know that their feedback won’t just to be filed away; that it will be acted on. The main reason why some employees don’t give feedback is that they don’t think that the company takes them seriously. If employees believe that their input matters, they will participate.

Research shows that satisfied, motivated employees will create higher customer satisfaction and in turn positively influence organizational performance. Listening to our employees and encouraging their involvement can have a positive impact to your business.

With regular employee feedback, you can gauge and improve upon the attitudes of your employees and the health of your business. Asking them what they think and acting on their advice makes them partners with management in determining direction. In turn, the workplace will soon look more like a place employees want to be and give them a vested interest in being there.

You won’t be able to address all concerns of all employees all the time and employees don’t expect you to. Just asking employees what they think can help foster good relations. Employees appreciate being heard. They want to work for a company that cares about what they think.

Customer Feedback

Customer satisfaction and loyalty are fundamental elements that determine the success of every business. Your customers are the heart of your operation and you must always strive to be in tune with what they think and how they feel.

Regardless of the type of business you are in, getting input from your customers is critical to your success. Your customers, like your employees are the lifeblood of your business. When customers feel that a business truly cares about them and what they think, they may be more likely to be loyal customers. When a business makes changes according to feedback, it shows that they truly listen and respect those opinions.

Customer feedback can be an excellent way to keep your business going in a positive direction. Nothing can replace them telling you how they like to be treated, what you are doing right, and what could be done better. It is a wonderful way to constantly improve your service and the only way to know if your product or service is satisfactory is to gather accurate and honest feedback from your customers.

Customer experience is one of the most critical determinants of brand strength and business growth. Yet most organizations suffer from major blind spots and gaps in the way they interact, handle and respond to customer issues or problems. When a customer expresses frustration with a product or service, this is an opportunity for the company to explore deeper and remove the barriers to efficient customer service.

Successful businesses must assume ownership for the customer experience and establish measures and disciplines to ensure continuous improvement. Customers need to be provided with a venue for expressing their needs, concerns and opinions. When a customer has an issue with an experience, they need the proper outlet to provide feedback. Companies who invest the resources to measure customer satisfaction are arming their companies with the tools needed to survive and thrive during these challenging economic times.

Start Listening Today!

Why is it that many of us put off getting feedback from our employees and our customers even though we intuitively know that getting honest feedback is essential to grow and develop and to build successful organizations. Feedback allows both customers and employees to voice their opinion, creating a healthy corporate environment which leads to greater productivity and motivation.

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP


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