Avaya launches new version of Avaya IP Office 6.1 Business Collaboration Platform

Avaya recently introduced the latest version of the IP Office; the company’s flagship communications solution for small and midsize businesses. The Avaya IP Office is a single, compact communications solution for small and medium enterprises with 5 to 250 users and and scaling effectively to multi‐site organizations.

SMEs want unified, simplified communications that will enable them to be competitive and serve their customers better by unifying voice, email, IM, conferencing, video and more. The new release features a number of upgrades that can help save a company time, money and frustration. The high points of the upgrade are easier-to-use features, greater transparency into coworkers’ presence, and a more intuitive interface.

Business communication strategies are changing, with the Internet, smartphones, voice‐over‐IP, social media and more all revolutionizing the way we connect and collaborate. Small and medium-sized businesses want the competitive edge that real-time communications can deliver.

Avaya is delivering by driving down costs while offering innovation with the newest version of the Avaya IP Office for small and medium-sized enterprises.  The new release of the Avaya IP Office Version 6.1 makes it easy to manage phone calls, videoconferences, instant messages and text messages.

For companies to stay engaged with their customers, a platform has to have true multimedia components able to address different forms of channels and contacts. The new version delivers a host of business collaboration and customer service enhancements that can improve productivity, while introducing significant new efficiencies for businesses, such as:

  • Enhanced Customer Service – The IP Office gets your communications working together, simplifying and enhancing your customer service. Become more efficient: handle more calls with fewer people; speed processes and decision‐making to quickly respond to customers, associates and suppliers; easily automate incoming contacts to get customers to the right person quickly, even if that person is out of the office. Integrate your customer databases with automatic “screen pops” of information about the caller that speeds and customizes the service you deliver.
  • Simple to Own and Manage – A solution that is designed for SME’s that is cost‐effective to own, deploy and manage—ready to grow as your needs change. Seamlessly integrate applications to enhance and customize your system to the specific needs of your business. Easily add new phones or other devices by just plugging them in and powering on. Connect up to 32 sites and have all systems communicate seamlessly with centralized administration.
  • Control Costs/Save Money – It’s a cost‐effective solution that can leverage VoIP technology to control costs and save money. Handle more calls with fewer people and route incoming calls quickly and accurately. Track billable hours on the phone or answer repetitive questions with automated attendant capabilities. Save money on travel with collaboration tools such as conferencing and video telephony.
  • Connect and Collaborate – Enable your employees to use any mobile or home phone as an office phone extension—complete with call handling features, speed dials and more. Keep your employees instantly in touch with “one‐number reachability” and presence—everyone always knows who’s available and the most convenient way to reach them. Get instant, convenient, on‐demand conferencing through its built‐in conference bridge—use audio, share documents and screens.

The Avaya IP Office Release 6.1 offers innovative new features to the product. The flexible one-X Portal is a web-based interface for remote, mobile and office workers that allow users to customize their UC desktops that let the company brand the display. Users can customize their view where the gadgets appear on the screen, and change the layout and sizes of the display portions. Through the portal users can manage calls, instant messages and emails that can be customized via drag-and-drop gadgets like Directory and Call Log anywhere on their screen.

The latest release also supports more advanced multi-point HD video conferencing capabilities going beyond Softphone-based video. It allows for videoconferencing with up to 4, video integration with selected third-party SIP phones and the ability to use one interface to manage multiple office locations.

Another enhancement with this release is improved contact center reporting that allows companies to track customer campaigns, analyzes all calls flowing and makes them viewable on a geographic map. This provides a visual report of the volume of customer interaction according to their location. Companies can track the volume of customer interaction in real time from one consolidated interface.

Stemming from Avaya’s completed acquisition of Nortel’s enterprise business unit in 2009 and the ongoing product integration roadmap, the Avaya IP Office is now fully interoperable with Nortel’s Business Communication Manager (BCM). Legacy Nortel or Avaya environments can mix-and-match with both solutions. This is the first upgrade to IP Office since the Nortel acquisition and now a Nortel customer migrating to IP Office can plug their Nortel phones directly into the system, preserving their investment.

As a long term business partner with Avaya, Avatel is very excited about the new release capabilities for our small business customers. Worker productivity (through enhanced connectivity/mobility devices) and operational efficiency (through expanded capacity investments, lower maintenance costs and disaster recovery solutions) all are top of mind issues. Avaya is bringing this innovation to the small and medium enterprise market with features that were traditionally only available for larger companies.

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP


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