Are you an Inspired Leader?

Are you inspired by the mission and goals of your organization? If not, there’s very little chance you will be able to inspire anyone else! An inspired leader is able to translate their vision and ideas into genuine excitement within the team that surrounds them. We must have a vision, define our strategy and tap into what inspires us. We must effectively communicate and empower everyone within our organization to move towards a common goal.

As business leaders, we must have a sense of joy, inspiration and aliveness. We must also have a sense of destiny and rightness about what we do. When we are inspired, our minds transcend limitations and our consciousness expands in every direction.

Inspired Leaders become impassioned by a vision of an improvement in people’s lives and that passion becomes a driving force. We’re all beacons of inspiration. We must celebrate the victories and turn adversity into an opportunity to learn. Inspiration is a powerful force. It makes life more enjoyable, not only for yourself, but for all of those around you.

We must identify the values and beliefs that define our character, discover our purpose and explore how convictions, integrity and courage shape our results.  It is the vision and inspiration of the business leader which shapes the business and its level of success. When you lead with inspiration, you create a company of individuals who share in a forward thinking, stable, profitable organization that is prepared to face any and all challenges with integrity, ingenuity and intelligence. 

I would encourage companies to put as much importance on becoming ethically sound, balancing the demands of life and business, and integrating personal and organizational values and vision; as it places on reaching the company’s financial and growth objectives. To lead in this new economy, inspired leaders must have:

  • A clear sense of meaning and purpose to inspire and nurture the human spirit
  • A clear focus, mission and vision for your company
  • A balance between work, family and personal needs
  • An alignment of personal values with organizational purpose

As small businesses are focused on simply surviving, inspired leaders have an innovative road map of where they will be tomorrow. Some small business owners just do what needs to get done to make the business work. Truly Inspired business leaders love what they do, but they also take a step back and think creatively about their businesses; how it can be more fun, inspiring, profitable and effective.

Inspiration is about being lit by a fire within that will burn forever. The choice to be an inspired business leader, as opposed to just being a small business owner, is one of the best ways to make the contribution you were born to make. The universal qualities that great business leaders share is the ability to inspire trust, the vision to move a company forward, and the foresight to provide the training employees will need to realize that vision. If we teach, some may learn, if we lead, some may follow, if we inspire, they will never be the same.

Even in a tough economy, our spirits must soar. The majority of people take a cautious stand when fear is prevalent. In tough times, people who are willing to overcome fear will find the opportunities to do new and amazing things. The engine that is going to drive our economy is the courage to inspire others. The future is filled with so much opportunity, but we must be a pathfinder and help people find a way to get to where they want to be.

My belief is that people will happily take it upon themselves to learn and better themselves, if they are inspired. Inspired employees care because you care. Inspired people are the glue that holds strong companies together, while also increasing bottom lines.

An inspirational leader nourishes the mind and refreshes the soul.  I encourage all business leaders to lead from the heart and to have a passion for helping others.  This will lead you to a richer life financially, emotionally and spiritually. If a person does not add value to another person’s future, then, they are not a leader.

Your accomplishments can be far greater than you ever envisioned if you are truly inspired and inspire others.

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP


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