Maximize the Value of Your Communications Solution with the Right Provider

A phone system is one of the most important purchases your business can make. Deciding which business phone system to buy is a tough decision and not one to be taken lightly. There are many factors to consider when buying a communications solution. Finding a reputable system vendor is half of the equation to obtaining a perfect phone system. You can’t afford to trust your company’s communications to just anyone.

The stability of your phone system is the lifeline to your success, so you should feel comfortable about the company that will be providing you a system design, implementation and on-going service.

Your phone system is a powerful tool that keeps your business in touch with customers, boosts productivity, and builds revenue. Choosing the right product manufacturer is important. However, most small business phone systems are bought through vendors who are in partnership with the Manufacturer. The Manufacturers Partner handles not only the sale of products but also the implementation of the system.

You should look for a vendor that understands communications technology, and can guide you in choosing and implementing the solution that best meets your needs. Not all phone system providers will offer the same services, which is why finding one that caters to your business’ needs is crucial.

Look for a provider who will take a consultative approach to the process. You should look for a company that takes the time to understand your business. Investing in the right technology and implementing it correctly will make the difference between getting by and true success.


Choosing a reliable, quality vendor now can prevent countless headaches later. You need an experienced and reliable company that can provide you with honest and dependable answers to your questions about communication technologies.  A proven high quality vendor knows far more about the best systems on the market and will develop technology solutions that truly impact your bottom line.

Keep in mind that the vendor from whom you purchase will provide installation and support of your communications.  When purchasing a communications solution, you are entering into a long term business relationship that involves ongoing service. Because of the complexity associated with phone systems, you want to choose a vendor that can provide your buisness with real results and someone that you and your team can rely on.

 What should you consider when choosing a communications system Provider?

  • How many years in telecommunications?
  • What is their relationship with the manufacturer?
  • Do the salesperson and or Solution Designer provide ideas or recommendations to help your business?
  • Will the system be installed within your expected time frame?
  • What experience do the Engineers and the installation staff have?
  • Do they provide on-site training for your staff?
  • Does the vendor have an in-house Help desk and how quickly will they respond to your requests?
  • Do they have references and can an installation site be visited?
  • Is support available 24×7 and what do they charge for support?

Choosing the right provider can be the difference in a system that pays for itself or winds up costing your company money in the long run. The challenges involved in deploying a new communications product or migrating to the latest technology can be difficult for any business.

That’s why Avatel offers an array of services to help ensure that your new technology is implemented quickly and effectively, while delivering the capabilities and value you need and expect.

I have written many posts about the Avaya IP Office, and we firmly believe that the IP Office System is the perfect choice for today’s business looking for a robust communications platform without the high cost. The award-winning IP Office gives growing companies a complete solution for telephony, messaging, networking, conferencing, video, customer management, and unified communications.

As an Avaya Connect Partner, Avatel has earned specializations that signify our expertise in small and medium enterprises (SME), services, and data. Avatel is recognized as an Avaya SME Expert that has demonstrated proficiency and expertise in solution design, implementation delivery, support, and maintenance for all Avaya systems and data networking products. Our service assessment verifies Avatel has established concrete processes for providing exceptional service to our customers.

Our Project Management team will leverage our multi-step process to ensure your Avaya IP Office Implementation truly does transform your communications vision into reality. Our Engineers will configure the system to deliver full voice functionality with a comprehensive set of features as a voice-only PBX using traditional circuit-switched lines or as an IP telephony server using high-speed ISDN/PRI dial-up access and/or direct leased line connectivity.

From initial planning and design to seamless implementation and ongoing support, Avatel helps ensure your business gets the most out of your communications investment. To learn more, please contact your Avatel representative at 866.835.2062.

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP


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