Invest in your Business where it Counts!

Every smart business wishes to remain one step ahead of the competition and will occasionally be required to upgrade their technology. You have to make sure that you are investing in your business where it counts and one area where it counts is your communications system.

Over the past twenty years, businesses have leveraged many communication advantages but even with all the advances, some companies still use an antiquated phone system. So many business owners fail to realize that by trying to save money with an outdated telephone system, you might just find that more and more money is being lost. By not upgrading your old technology, you are in fact affecting your entire business.

An outdated system takes a tremendous amount of financial and human resources to maintain. Prolonged use of an antiquated system can lead to substandard performance issues, along with maintenance problems. If left unattended, you stand to lose thousands of dollars per year due to inefficiencies both from a cost and operations stand point.

The ability to communicate clearly with your customers and employees is critical. Do you really want your customers to think that your business does not care or can’t afford a new system? Do customers or prospects call with urgent, time-sensitive requests, but are unable to reach the right person for an answer? Does your staff give out mobile phone numbers that confuse customers and affect your control of those relationships?

Everyday occurrences can impact your image, your employees’ ability to perform at their best, your customer service, and ultimately your bottom line. You might have already lost business and never realized that it was because you had a poor phone system in place. When your business reputation is on the line, it’s important that each of your communication tools be in proper working order, allowing for more effective communication with your employees and customers.

So what can a new Avaya phone system do that your old system can’t and how will this benefit you and your customers?

  • Reliability – Avaya systems are between 3-4 times more reliable than other systems. 99.999% level of reliability, less service calls, fewer headaches. 
  • Basic Call Handling – The Avaya IP Office provides an unprecedented set of leading-edge communications capabilities to help your employees work better and serve your customers more effectively. Help keep your costs down and get the essential call handling capabilities growing businesses need with all the “must haves” (call routing, Caller ID, hold/ conference/transfer, voice mail) plus a great selection of Avaya phones. 
  • Office Worker Solution – This feature gives anyone using a PC a complete set of tools to help them work smarter and communicate more easily. With this solution they can control all communications from the screen of their PC, get easy access to visual voicemail and use IM and presence capabilities to quickly reach co-workers. 
  • Mobile Worker Solution – This feature bridges the gap between your phone system and your mobile phones. This solution makes any mobile phone an extension of the office phone system—complete with call handling features, speed dials and more. No more giving out personal reach numbers. You get peace of mind knowing that when customers call, they are dialing your business number. 
  • Teleworker Solution – Remote working is becoming more popular as it offers flexible hours and saves money spent on office space. Any home office becomes a remote extension of your main office. It allows remote workers to connect back to the office phone system over their broadband connection. You can work from home or in a branch office with the same extension features and number as you have at the office. 
  • Power User Solution – This solution takes mobility to another level and is designed to help your staff be as productive as possible by controlling office communications using an IP phone, mobile phone or laptop; conduct personal video calls; have calls ring simultaneously on all their devices and get automatically notified of important voice mails and e-mails. 

In today’s economy with tight budgets, small to mid-sized businesses hesitate to upgrade, however by not upgrading, you lack the efficiency and competitive advantage necessary to compete. Be aware that your competitors who take the time to upgrade and maintain their telecommunications services and technology will enjoy a competitive advantage that you may not have.

Even though you might not want to spend any money right now, this is an investment that you should not put off. Our leasing partner Avaya Financial Services can help you overcome the challenges involved with making a purchase. With a lease from AFS you can get tomorrow’s technology today. And stay within budget!

Once you discover all the benefits and features we’re confident you’ll find the choice to upgrade a very easy one to make. Contact an Avatel representative at 866-835-2062 to help your business increase efficiency, improve customer service and increase profits.

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP


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  1. I think the most important point here is the efficiency gained by each individual employee. With an updated communication solution, If you were to just save 1 minute per hour, per employee the costs saved for a 50 employee company would equal approximatly $34,000 per year (given we work 250 days a year with a national average wage index of $40,711 –

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