Your Call is Important to us but all our Agents are Busy…

Have you ever called a customer service center and got the message “your call is important to us but all of our agents are busy helping other customers. Please wait for the next available agent”?  Argghh! – What do you mean “other customers”? What about me?  I get so infuriated when I hear this message!  I have been in communications for 30 years designing call center solutions and my translation of this message is “I’m sorry but our contact center is so disorganized and badly designed that we are hopeless at handling our call volumes and have to put our valuable customers on hold for extended periods of time until we can eventually get to them!”  Simply put, this message says “Dear Mr. Customer – You might be better off taking your business elsewhere”.  Call centers of yesterday might have got away with such poor customer services, but today’s generation of consumers has much higher expectation and lower tolerance. 

A recent study of contact centers shows that 82% of customers leave because of a poor customer service experience. To understand why this is happening you have to analyze today’s consumer environment.  The modern world is technology enabled and more connected than ever before.  Not only does the internet put at our fingertips a plethora of information but we can now access it wherever we are, on computers, laptops, tablets and cell phones.  With one simple Google search you can list most, if not all of a company’s competitors in seconds and if a customer gets bad service one simple Tweet or Facebook posting will radiate their dissatisfaction to potentially millions. Consumers can get what they want much quicker than ever before and can broadcast feedback of their experience immediately.


Source: CEO Perspectives by R.P. Cooley

“92% of consumers form an opinion about a company’s image through their interaction with the contact center”

“80% of companies believe they deliver a superior customer experience.  Only 8% of their customers agree”

“73% of Millennial’s will leave after one bad experience, and 85% will tell others about their poor experiences”

Source: Benchmark Research, Convergsys, Customer Focus Inc.

How we communicate with a call center is also rapidly changing.  Today’s generation is communicating with text messaging, chat sessions, email and social media.  Hence the reason we now use the term “Contact Center”.  Voice communication is rapidly becoming secondary and call centers that do not embrace these new media will fall behind.

So let me task you with a challenge…  Pick up the phone and dial into your company’s customer services number and take note of your experience.  You should expect your call to be answered within a few seconds.  You should be able to get a resolution to your call quickly and efficiently with no frustration.  An agent should be able to deal with your enquiry without blindly transferring you to other agents forcing you to repeat information.  If there are no agents available you should be given options to use alternative methods such as web chat, SMS texting or at least be told how long your expected wait time will be, and an option to request a call back. Generally your experience should leave you satisfied, your needs met and you will be happy to call customer service again.  If this is not your experience, contact 813.347.4600 to bring customer satisfaction back to your contact center.

Avatel Guest Blogger – Colin Jeffs, Enterprise Sales Director


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