Avaya Helps Small Business “Think Big”

On May 17th, Avaya is hosting an exclusive “Think Big” event for partners, press and analysts that will showcase plans for Small and Medium Enterprise markets. Announcements and roadmap direction will be shared from top Avaya executives, Dr. Alan Baratz – Senior Vice President & President, Avaya Global Communications Solutions and Tom Mitchell – Senior Vice President & President, Avaya Go to Market Strategy.

Analysts, press and partners will join Avaya executives and customers from around the globe to talk about:

  • The big trends that are impacting Small and Mid-Size Enterprises
  • How collaboration is changing the game
  • How the Avaya IP Office is enabling customers to grow their business
  • The future of small business communications

The event will host role model SME customers and major Avaya Partners who all “Think Big”. Avatel is very excited and honored to be selected as one of the four Avaya business partners to sit on the panel to discuss market progress and answer questions from the industry’s leading Analysts.

The one advantage a small business has over a large business is adaptability. Big business is good at capturing economies of scale, which is important. But small business is better at innovation, which is critical. Even if a business is small, the owners need to think big and invest in areas where the larger competition is overspending and underperforming.

There are literally hundreds of thousands of small to midsize companies that form the true backbone of the U.S. economy. These businesses are the true engine of economic development and job growth.  Small and medium-sized enterprises will continue to be essential change agents that can assist in accelerating growth in the economy.

Let’s throw out the old labels and expand our thinking about how our economy really works. Thinking big is not only possible for small to midsize business, but is essential to the health and prosperity of our economy. Small business is big business. Businesses with fewer than 100 employees account for 98 percent of all companies in the United States, roughly two-thirds of the country’s jobs, and one-third of its gross national product.

I believe that technology will revolutionize the nature of running a small business. Communications technologies will become the great equalizer of big and small, with customers no longer knowing or caring about the size of the business that provides their goods and services. Think big and chances are your customers will too.

Many Manufacturers of telecommunications products and services are convinced that small customers will generate little or no profit.  They try to apply their existing large business model to the SME segment, an approach that typically yields disappointing results.

Avaya on the other hand, recognizes the potential and understands the complexity of serving small businesses. Working with an SME is much different than working with a “Fortune 100″ company from a technology advisory standpoint. Avaya has excelled at gaining insight into SME customer needs and helps customers use emerging technologies to be more cost effective and productive.

If you want to ensure that your small business, even with minimal resources, has the productivity of a larger business, integrating your communication tools is critical. With Avaya SME solutions, small companies can think big with communications at an affordable price, and help their business compete more effectively. The same communications tools used by larger companies are now helping small businesses propel revenue and growth. Just because your staff is small, that does not mean your needs are too.

The voice of the customer prevails. As an Avaya SME Expert, Avatel will continue to work hard to listen and understand small business needs. We believe that small business needs are different and unique. Making sure that we address small business needs is something that’s very top of mind for us. We realize that serving this market effectively is essential now that aggressive growth and revenue goals are intensifying the competition.

Avatel can provide big enterprise telecommunications features on a small business budget. Contact your Avatel representative at 866.835.2062 to discuss powerful communication solutions for small businesses who THINK BIG.

 Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP


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