Avaya Business Partner, AVATEL – Rises Above the Noise and gets Noticed!

I recently came across a site that offered an opportunity for companies to discuss their success and what makes them a great company. The article was entitled “Your turn to brag – What makes your company unique?”  Since the offer was on the table, I thought, why not?  Who doesn’t want to brag about their business and showcase their accomplishments?  So forgive me while I toot the Avatel horn.

I truly love our company.  When you love what you do and do what you love success comes easily. A great business requires heart and dedication and a very strong desire to succeed. As leaders, we are responsible for creating a vision our employees can truly believe in and the passion that moves our organization into the future.  It has to be more than just a paycheck.  By maintaining our vision, we have developed unique characteristics, goals and ways of operating that go beyond a simple desire to make money.

When Avatel was created, our vision was clear on two points:

  1. To be a company in which employees are proud to work.  To create a positive work environment and atmosphere that motivates and respects employees, as well as rewards and cultivates their skills.
  2. To be a company that customers prefer. To give our customers a compelling reason to drive that preference. To maintain a customer-centric organization that puts the customer at the center of our company.

I really believe that we have accomplished both.

Our company is unique because of our culture.  We work hard, but value the work/life balance. We give back to the community.  We are a team, but believe in individual empowerment.  And, most importantly, we value our customers and our employees.

Our success is a tribute to the remarkable team we have assembled since our inception.  I am proud of every member of Avatel’s team for their commitment to the company and our customers, and dedication to their work. They recognize that everyone, top to bottom, plays a role in the company’s success.

Balancing empowerment and interdependence makes us strong. We are one company, one team, one result. As one company, our impact is far greater than the impact of any one of its parts.

Avatel strives to be trustworthy, credible and committed to being the absolute best in the eyes of our customers.  We work together, building relationships to create ever-greater value for the customers we serve. The beauty in trust and credibility is that we have created engaged fans of our company.

As a technology company, Avatel is one of the country’s most passionate advocates of small business.  We are focused on serving the technology needs of small to medium businesses, recognizing they have very different requirements.

Avatel’s performance across a wide range of criteria has been consistently recognized as best-in-class with various industry and business awards, including; the 2009 Avaya SME Partner of the Year, Avaya SME Expert Partner, Tampa Bay Business Journal “Best Places to Work” winner, member of Avaya’s SME Business Partner Council, member of the GreatAmerica Communications & Data Council and most recently, the Catalyst Telecom 2011 SME Partner of the Year.

These awards and certifications are only given to companies that meet the most rigorous requirements for technical expertise, employee engagement and customer satisfaction. These distinctions are a direct result of the talent, dedication and commitment of the Avatel team.

High-performance organizations accomplish extraordinary results. Companies like Avatel, rise above the noise and get noticed.

Avatel is one of the few Avaya Business Partners in North America integral to Avaya’s strategy – As a leading member of the SME marketing sub-committee, Avatel is helping to co-develop initiatives to drive strategic imperatives, steer programs and promotional offers that Avaya and the partner community will deliver, and provide input on Avaya marketing and branding initiatives.

So, how do you explain the magic we’ve created at Avatel?  It is a direct result of our basic core values.  We are passionate, we care about each other and our customers, we have fun and we work hard. It is the very essence of our success and who we are.  I truly love our company!

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP




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