“Flight to Quality” Avaya Products and Avatel Service

“Flight to Quality” is a term that’s often thrown around in the investment world.  A “flight-to-quality “is a phenomenon occurring when investors sell what they perceive to be higher-risk investments and make the move to higher quality assets.

I believe that in today’s business world there is also a “flight to quality” as customers look to partner with vendors that can deliver innovative products and superior support. More thought is going in to making each purchasing decision, no longer are companies running right out and buying products or service without careful consideration.

During these economic times, the competition between companies providing similar products and services becomes more intense. I believe that in today’s environment, quality is the name of the game.  In any business, a “flight to quality” is the effect of dissatisfied customers leaving competitors for better service and quality products.

Remember that your customers always have the choice of buying from you or your competition. When times are tough, that choice becomes even more important. In order to differentiate itself from it’s a competitors, a company needs to provide higher quality products and/or services to be the customer’s preference.

The word “Quality” represents the properties of products and/or services that are valued by the customer. Quality is nothing more or less than the perception the customer has of you, your products, and your services. If you do not continue to make improvements that customer’s value, you open the door to other companies taking your customers away.

A successful business relentlessly pursues a quality culture that can permanently and positively influence not only the immediate product or service in question, but also permeates all facets of your business. Creating a quality culture that delivers a quality product or service is an environment that breeds quality and a builds a reputation to be the leader in their industry.

We believe that customers are more concerned about resolving their issues and problems, not getting the lowest possible price.  While our competitors are turning their products and services into commodities to be sold at the lowest possible price, we understand the need to develop quality solutions that create value.

People realize and expect to pay more for better quality products and service. Quality is the customers’ perception of the value of the suppliers’ products and work output. More than 70% of customers are willing to spend 10% more with a business if that business exceeds quality expectations.

Avatel understands a company should promote lasting value in the products it provides and in the quality of service performed to be successful in today’s diverse and competitive market. We understand the hurdles businesses of all sizes face and the obstacles that must be overcome.

We know that we must provide enhanced service to our customers; service that is better and faster than ever expected and delivered with the same high standards of reliability and superior quality. While our competitors are looking for the quick sale, Avatel will continue developing long-term relationships that shows an overall picture of our how well we are doing with the quality of our products and services.

Quality is also measured in the effectiveness of a product. Your customers always learn at least two things about it: how well it works and how well it does not work. Quality is something that lasts for a long time and built with stability and accurately. A quality product lives up to its name and its goal to overcome its competition.  

We take pride in selling Avaya phone systems because we know and trust that Avaya makes quality there priority. Avaya is committed to designing and manufacturing the highest quality business communication systems in the world. Over 10 million business users leverage Avaya solutions everyday including 90% of the US Fortune 500 companies.

When you invest in Avaya the rewards of your decision are just beginning. Avatel provides the expertise you need to plan, design, and implement reliable and secure solutions that will serve your company’s present and future needs.

Smart businesses like Avatel work hard at increasing our unique qualities that our company offers. Customers are the lifeblood of our business and reliable products and high quality customer services is our greatest importance. Customers are telling us—rock-solid service and support sets Avatel apart from the pack. Contact an Avatel representative at 866.835.2661  if you are in flight towards quality.

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP





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