The Path to Prosperity

The economy is showing a slight comeback, providing much needed breathing room for companies to look ahead to the future. Most small businesses are now tentatively moving out of survival mode and focusing more on growth and long-term success.

Where do we stand and how do we prosper during the economic recovery?

No one has a crystal ball to predict the future. We can only do what we believe is best.  A better future doesn’t just happen; you have to pave the way for prosperity.

A prosperous mindset allows us to prosper despite the current economic climate. There is no limit to how far a business can evolve or how high it can fly; the focus is on deciding where to go next. There is a tremendous opportunity for business leaders with the right mindset to create prosperity in the midst of our current economy.

As optimists, we often perform best in the face of adversity or extreme pressure, and are not cowed by obstacles like economic downturns. For the less optimistic, external conditions can trigger fear, greed and anger, placing us at risk to act out impulsively. When business leaders are optimistic, they tend to be more likely to invest in their business by boosting spending and hiring. 

The path to prosperity begins the moment we get clear on our core values and ideals. We must never retreat from our core values. It has been clearly documented that when businesses get away from their core philosophies, not only will they not fully achieve their success and prosperity, but they may fail.

Before we can look forward, we have to look back. We should review every aspect of our business so we are clear about our position. We need to make sure that our business goals, practices and policies create an environment that nurtures and rewards our employees and takes care of our customers. Creating an environment where both customers and employees want to pledge their loyalty is key.

I believe that the power of prosperity for small business is based on a selective group of values including creativity, ambition, risk tolerance, the ability to deal with setbacks as a motivator, and dedication. A prosperous business culture creates a sense of pride, identity and belonging.  We must have a company culture that fosters positive attitudes and personal performance.

The key to future growth and prosperity requires a cultural shift in attitude.  We must be clear about our priorities and objectives and we must know where it is we need to be and how to get there. A clear purpose enables us to see setbacks as temporary and banishes fear and doubt.

As small business leaders, we must take action and move consistently toward what we intend to create. True prosperity requires a unique sense of energy, work ethic, mind-set and actions. Creating a prosperous business is not an easy task; it is an outcome that occurs by design, not by chance.

The path to prosperity begins with strategic planning and relentless execution. We should plan appropriately and allow for flexibility, practice business discipline, be consistent, be clear and concise. It is essential for business leaders to make a positive shift from just making tactical decisions and day-to-day operational decisions, into a proactive higher gear which will involve strategic planning for the future of the business

There is no such thing as inactive success, we have to earn it. Success has no secret; it is forever ringing through the market-place. To define and achieve success, we must instill a philosophy about how our business will operate in its industry and with its employees and customers.

Success is a state of being-ness. It is a state of mind, and from that place, good decisions are made as to how to run our business in sound, tried and true principles.

As you proceed, golden opportunities will be strewn across your path to prosperity. Ultimately, you determine the amount of success and prosperity you will have. I believe that our current economy presents a wealth of opportunities for all business leaders who have a dream and a solid work ethic.

Just remember – It is a journey, not an event! It takes time and persistence and the best time to start is now!

Jamie Wood,  Avatel EVP


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