Have You Had Your Plus Sign Today?

In a day and age of instant communication forums, responding to customer service related issues, concerns or complaints is vital if you’re to maintain a high level of customer service with your customers.  Being able to react quickly and with information that resolves the customer issue is crucial to keeping customers satisfied with your business and the services you provide.  In addition to sites like Facebook or Twitter, an unhappy customer can write a review of your business which links to your company in a simple Google or Yahoo search.

With so much at stake in this online realm of electronic messaging and blogs, doesn’t it make sense to hire people who can work to avoid scathing reports from customers about how poorly your service personnel handled a particular issue?  The obvious answer to the question is an emphatic ‘Yes!’  However, many enterprises don’t seem to fully understand just how destructive a negative attitude among their customer service team can lead to irreparable, “permanent” notes for all to read on the World Wide Web.

As a Project Manager for a rather successful telecommunications firm in the Tampa Bay area, I take great pride in my responsibilities and in my duties each and every day.  Each morning before coming into work, my frame of mind is set hours before hand from the moment I wake up out of my bed.  Despite a morning quarrel with a family member or a fellow commuter who drives like a maniac in traffic or getting soaked in a flash Florida downpour, it is my faith that keeps me in a positive state of mind.  I believe that each new day I’m given is a blessing.  So, the morning argument was just that – an event that happened in the past.  The driver who nearly caused an accident on the way to work must have had a good reason to get someplace in a hurry.  The rain soaked clothing will eventually dry. 

On a deep, personal level, I receive my “plus sign” by attending daily mass at my local parish.  But, aside from this daily devotional, I am active outside of work by playing softball every weekend and taking on a new volunteer opportunity as a Guardian ad Litem.  It is because of these other “callings” or “passions” that I can remember how precious we all are as human beings.  And, in working in a customer service capacity, my professional responsibilities are to serve customers, vendors and colleagues.  It’s this sense of purpose coupled with a greater sense of value that drives me to maintain a positive mental attitude. 

No matter how you get your “plus sign”, remember that by consistently giving more of yourself in your professional, personal and spiritual life, you can reap rewards that have a wide ranging affect.  As my life becomes filled with meaningful volunteer work, more acquaintances that lead to closer friendships and a renewed sense of self-worth, my attitude each day reflects all of this positive energy.  I believe that because of these constructive forces in my life, my positive attitude while at work is conveyed to our customers.  And, by having this “edge”, I believe, it creates superior customer service results and long term meaningful business relationships.

Guest Blogger – Lonnie Ledford, Avatel Project Manager


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