Avatel Targets Midmarket with the Avaya IP Office ~ The Gold Standard for Midsize Business Communications

Although mid-size businesses may not dominate the headlines, they are the backbone of the American economy. Avatel Technologies is on a “GMB” mission to “Grow Midmarket Business”. Midsize businesses are the thinkers and doers that are driving economic growth. Mid-size companies face a unique set of challenges. These medium-sized firms find themselves caught in the middle, competing with larger companies with huge budgets and extensive resources, and with smaller companies that are more agile in adjusting to changes in the marketplace.

Midsized companies seek business outcomes and often require more handholding than larger companies, so they need partners like Avatel who deeply understand their business processes, infrastructure needs, and future growth costs.  Mid- sized businesses are driven to manage
costs while increasing employee productivity and growing their customer base. The world is changing and midsize organizations are leading the way. I believe that midsize businesses will wield more of the influence that once belonged to only the largest enterprises.

Avatel sees significant opportunity for growth in the underserved mid-market and to ensure the focus on the midsize market remains sharp, we have created a Midmarket Solution team, with focused responsibility for this segment. The team’s responsibility includes end-to-end solutions targeted at this growing and competitively-contested customer segment, to position the Avaya midmarket IP Office solution and address what midsize customers need across a spectrum of vertical industries.

Avatel can deliver the most robust set of communications applications in the industry with the award winning Avaya IP Office. The Avaya IP Office is truly a mid-market product with robust features without an enterprise price tag. The system consists of a single-server solution, including IP telephony, messaging, contact center and mobility applications.

To grow and thrive, midsize businesses need a flexible, responsive, secure communications solution designed to improve productivity, maximize efficiency and enhance the way they do business both now and in the future, but not the complexity that a midsize company might find difficult to manage. Mid-market companies will adopt technologies that can help them appear bigger to the market than they really are, and turn to partners like Avatel to support their initiatives. They also want help with enabling new technologies and are more willing to use leading-edge solutions, like the Avaya IP Office.

Many telecom vendors struggle to find their feet in this market and their product messaging remains weak. Unfortunately, many technology solution providers, focus on selling what they offer – not necessarily what a midsized company needs. They are selling old formulas or large enterprise formulas that are downsized for the midmarket. To compete in the mid-market arena, Avatel believes that the Avaya IP Office communications system fits this market perfectly.

Midsize companies can now benefit from the enhanced functionality and improved efficiencies with the IP Office that was once only found in large, Enterprise systems. Harnessing these new technologies can give the midsize business the best of both worlds: the features they need to grow and keep pace with their larger competitors and the quality of communications they need to compete with high customer service-oriented small businesses.

The Avaya IP Office is the Gold Standard for Midsize Business Communications. The IP Office integrates voice, video, data, security, and mobility into a single efficient and affordable communications solution.

The tide is starting to shift as the elusive midmarket finally gains momentum. The strong momentum and outstanding growth that Avatel is experiencing in the midmarket segment is only the beginning. Contact a knowledgeable Avatel Communications Consultant at 866.835.2661 to help you assess your needs and design a customized solution that can grow with your midsize business.

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP


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