The World is Taking Notice of Avaya in Action

The media and the analysts are taking notice of the many exciting ways Avaya delivers not only innovative technology, but true business benefits to its customers.

The Avaya IP Office was recognized by Frost & Sullivan and was awarded the 2011 Product
of the Year.

This award was evaluated on 4 criteria:

  • Value for money
  • Product features & benefits
  • Go-to-market strategy
  • Market potential & customer adoption

Of course it didn’t hurt that the Avaya IP Office system made its television debut on TLC’s Hit Show, The Cake Boss. On the episode, “Campfires, computers and concerns”, Buddy Valastro makes an Avaya IP Office cake for the May 17th Avaya global SME “Think Big” event in Manhattan.  Everyone at the event including the media and the analysts were amazed by the first cake to ever make a live video conference call!

With the “Think Big” SME event in NY and Avaya’s latest corporate branding initiative titled “Avaya. The Power of We” initially previewed at the 2011 International Avaya Users Group Global Conference in Las Vegas in late May, the world is taking notice of Avaya in action.

As market conditions and communications trends continue to change, the Age of  information is moving toward the Age of Collaboration. Avaya’s corporate branding – “ The Power of We” was designed to demonstrate how Avaya’s technology and services help pull people together more easily and allow them to access information faster across different devices – all to help make decisions more quickly and boost productivity. Avaya is helping customers around the world leverage The Power of We™ to help their businesses become smarter, faster, and better

Avaya’s strategy is…Fit for Purpose, People First and Innovation.

I am very excited to attend this year’s 2012 Avaya US Partner Conference, which will take place at the Venetian Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada, on November 7-9.

The theme of this year’s kickoff is Accelerating Growth: The Power of We™.

This is an exciting time for Avatel Technologies to be a part of Avaya’s winning channel ecosystem, as Avaya continues to position the company as the undisputed leader in business collaboration solutions with their focus our innovation to transform customers’ infrastructures to improve their communication capabilities.

Avatel will honor our manufacturing partners theme by positioning ourselves to accelerate
growth and succeed in today’s challenging economy. Avatel will continue to impact the marketplace with Avaya innovative solutions and the value we deliver.

No other Communication Vendor delivers one solution for all of the SME (Small and Mid-size Enterprise). The Avaya IP Office is a single, modular platform – from 5 to 1,000 users that serves the entire SME segment, as they grow.

Avaya’s Roadmap Principles for the IP Office are:

  • Simplicity
  • Unequaled user experience and superior customer service
  • Driving business efficiency, worker productivity & growth
  • Rapid, agile deployment of the right applications and business integrations
    to the right users

As the world takes notice, Avaya is about to unveil the most innovative release to date. Avatel is pleased to announce the Avaya IP Office Release 8.0 (R8.0) will be generally available on November 30th 2011.

Release 8.0 Software enhances the IP Office solution by providing innovative new features to enhance user productivity, simplify deployment, configuration and management. The new Avaya one-X® Mobile Preferred for IP Office solution extends unified communications capabilities to mobile devices, and brings the desktop experience to users on the go. This integrated server-based solution provides rich functionality and multi-modal communication such as audible commands, instant messaging, and voice call control.

Key R8 benefits are as follows:

  • Greater UC functionality for improved productivity
  • Seamless integration between office desktop and mobile devices
  • Real-time business collaboration and federated presence across multiple
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership
  • Applications Server for ‘one touch, one box’ solution
  • Microsoft Outlook plug-in to improve productivity from the desktop
  • Simpler management interface makes any day-to-day changes quick and

The Avaya IP Office has sophisticated capabilities that are easy to use, improves customer service capabilities, enhances business processes, takes out costs and delivers results.

Contact your Avatel Associate at 866.835.2661 to “Think Big” about your business and leverage “The Power of We”. Learn how Avatel and Avaya’s innovative technology integrates
people with the information they need to foster a deeper level of collaboration, creativity, idea generation and faster decisions.

Wood, Avatel EVP


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  1. “We don’t know when Avaya will have its IPO, but we learned a couple weeks ago that the company will trade under the symbol ‘AVYA‘ on the New York Stock Exchange.

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