The Future of Communications is Here ~ Avaya web.alive

Are you looking for innovative, cost-effective ways to capture and strengthen customer relationships, increase the number of remote workers in your organization, and optimize knowledge transfer among staff, customers and business partners? What if you could meet “face to face” with co-workers, customers and suppliers anytime you want—no matter where they live or work—without the hassles and costs of travel, without the expense or resources required for videoconferencing.

Avaya web.alive enables you to fluidly move in an immersive 3D environment, from individual, to small group, to large group conversations. It removes the barriers to effective interaction and allows face-to-face meetings from the comfort of the office, home or anywhere you have an Internet connection.

Avaya’s web.alive delivers significant business value by drastically reducing the expense associated with business travel while increasing business effectiveness through a higher level of engagement with your employees, customers and partners to build better relationships. Both you and your customers will love the convenience of this solution.

With Avaya web.alive, collaboration takes place in a realistic environment with rich, 3D graphics and audio that is highly engaging for participants and helps you establish cognitive and social presence. Liven up your slide presentations and other media via web.alive. Look your audience in the eye and judge their level of interest and participation as if they were in the room with you.

Designed to be intuitive and user-friendly, the solution virtually replicates the environment in which you would like to meet your colleagues – be it in a conference room, your own office or in a lobby. Once logged in, users will be represented as an avatar and will meet their colleagues’ avatars to begin the discussion,

As a Web-based tool, it easily integrates with your existing Web pages, Web applications and real-time communications. It also supports integration with your enterprise or Web security solutions, as well as enterprise voice solutions.

With increasingly geographically diverse workforces, companies are seeking means of ensuring smooth and effective collaboration at a distance to avoid the burden of travel costs. Avaya’s web.alive helps to dramatically reduce the costs associated with team meetings, customers and partner events as well as larger (up to 250 users) events that require engagement and meaningful interaction.

At a time when so many companies are employing mobile workers who telecommute or travel extensively. In addition to customer meetings and events, use web.alive for employee on-boarding, skills training, and coaching and mentoring. Your HR and training departments will dramatically reduce costs and increase the quality of your program delivery.

Each meeting, sales presentation or event is branded under your company’s identity, and meeting spaces are customized to look much like its own environment. You have the ability to create and upload your own custom content and download a software development kit. Collaboration tools allow participants to actively engage in the meeting, and the “3D spatial audio” makes the experience more realistic and natural, while at the same time serving up the benefit of huge cost savings.

Requirements – Intel® 945 integrated graphics or better, 128MB Microsoft® Windows® XP, Vista or 7 1GB RAM, 1.50GHz CPU, Internet Explorer 6/7/8 or Firefox 3/3.5 or Google Chrome and Adobe Flash, USB stereo headset with microphone (optional but recommended).

Take advantage of HD positional voice, file sharing, presentations, desktop sharing, co-browsing, avatar customization, web integration, self-administration, and more. Perfect for hosting meetings or leading training sessions, the host subscription is only $49 per month and includes all the features of web.alive you need to engage your audience online.

We believe that Avaya web.alive represents the future of communications! Contact Avatel’s in-house web.alive expert, Colin Jeffs at 813-347-4600 or email at to learn more, watch a demo and receive a free trial offer.

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP




  1. Raymond Kerker

    Thank you for the post on Web Alive, the Web-Based tools are able to truly transform the experience to the client/end user in ways not possible before now. Looking forward to seeing the product in a live event.

  2. Raymond Kerker

    Thank you for the post, Web Alive is an amazing concept and I look forward to attending more events utilizing the Web Tool.

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