Avatel Engineers – An Example of Positive Service Getting Positive Results

Increasingly, Avatel customers rely on their communications system because it is critical to their business operations. These systems are at the heart of employee engagement and vital to a company’s ability to transact business with customers, suppliers and partners.

As the sophistication and complexity of communications technologies continue to grow, so does the challenge of maintaining the performance and reliability needed to meet business demands. Inevitably, something will go wrong. Because of this, it is essential to have strong support services around the customer’s phone system.

Avatel Technologies has an advanced and viable support team of engineers.  This highly educated and well-trained team find themselves on the front lines of communications support services by remotely addressing programming changes and enhancements to a customer’s phone system.

But, what is it about Avatel engineers that make them superior to most?  For me, there are three characteristics that distinguish the group:

  • Focus on the customer
  • Quality service delivery
  • Consistent innovation

Within their complicated realm of cables and networks is an unwavering focus on the customer.  Avatel customer’s have quick, reliable access to well-trained technicians who have strong product and solution knowledge and understand business situations in which those solutions are deployed.  Along with open communication and delivering on promises, their focus on the customer is at the forefront of their daily practice.

In the instance of delivering quality service, one only has to look at the engineering team’s exceptional diagnostic technologies.  At Avatel, we invest heavily in advanced diagnostic capabilities to resolve problems quickly and ensure a customer’s uninterrupted ability to transact business.

Avatel customers also enjoy a streamlined support program that accents our motivation for consistent innovation.  A customer may go to the Avatel website and request engineer support or they may reach out to the customer service department and speak with an agent regarding their question.  In either case, the customer experiences real-time interaction with those who can answer their questions without the nauseating experience of being transferred from one department to another.

Whether direct from the Avatel website or through our customer service department, Avatel customers can expect to receive the same level of customer focus, high-quality service and constant innovation from our best and brightest – Our Avatel Engineers.

Lonnie Ledford, Avatel Project Manager – Guest Blogger



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  1. Thanks Lonnie, great points on the value of Avatel’s Outstanding Quality of Service. I think clients tend to get so wrapped up in price they need to be reminded of what they are getting for their investment.

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