Avatel Project Managers: People Making a Difference

Because Avatel is a nationwide leader in providing the Avaya IP Office system and Enterprise solutions, the Project Management (PM) team has to be at the top of our game each day.  The PM group at Avatel is comprised of seven skilled individuals who, as a team, work to process, organize, install and follow-up on all phone system installations.  In addition, once systems are installed and customers have additions, moves or changes, the Project Management Team is responsible for fielding these requests and ensuring a smooth and seamless transition for them.  Whether a customer is located in Los Angeles or Chicago or New York, thanks to an Avatel PM, you can bet that our resources are in place to handle new and existing requests in a timely and responsive manner.

The above, however, could be used to describe most successful telecommunications companies.  So, what makes Avatel different?  Frankly, the answer is Our People.

The Avatel customer service team, led by Jim Kelly, includes Johnann, Erin, Jennifer, Andrew, Angela and yours truly.  Jim is our rock because he realizes that success comes to those who are obsessed with looking after customers.

Johnann is our most experienced Project Manager with a notable tenure of over nine and a half years.  Jennifer, who is affectionately referred to as “The Professor” because of her innate ability to teach, has been with Avatel for eight years.  Erin, who has been with Avatel for six and a half years, handles installations and service orders for our largest corporate account.  Andrew, the team’s Enterprise specialist, has worked for Avatel for over two years.  And, with our newest team member, Angela, who just joined us this year, our group has a combined experience level of over 28 years.

Avatel Project Management Team

Our team consistently works to improve upon our processes.  Think of it as a creative revolution within our department.  Status quo just isn’t a part of our vocabulary.  With a mix of men and women all of whom have a variety of exceptional customer focused skill sets, we listen to our customers, and even to their silences.  We are experts at when to implement what customers want.  And, we each understand that our company’s products are a lot more than one dimensional.  The Avaya IP Office is not just a piece of merchandise.  It also includes service.  We embrace a philosophy of providing first-class customer service as part of our company culture.  When it comes to customer care and satisfaction, it is our people who make the difference.

Lonnie Ledford, Avatel Project Manager – Guest Blogger




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  1. Thanks Lonnie! Great picture!

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