The Power of “WE” in the Workplace

In May 2011, Avaya unveiled their new corporate branding: Avaya. The Power of We™. And as I discussed in a post I wrote in June regarding the branding concept, The Power of We is a tremendous description of how Avaya provides the right technology and services to help customers and employees access information faster, pull people together easily, make decisions more quickly and communicate anywhere and anytime on different devices.

Avaya has now challenged the Avaya business partner community to produce a short video on what does “The Power of We” mean to us as partners. Our videos will be judged on creativity, messaging, and spirit. Of course Avatel will participate in the challenge, but I felt the need to get my thoughts around a new approach to “The Power of We” concept before attempting to produce a video.

The first thing that comes to my mind is – The Power of “WE” in the Workplace, and a statement that Avaya’s Sales President Joel Hackney made at the 2011 International Avaya Users Group Global Conference in Las Vegas last May – “Working together in harmony, intently listening to one another, being in sync and combining experiences and talent – that’s The Power of We”.

Workplaces that focus on “WE” bring out the best in their staff, and “The power of WE” in the workplace fosters behaviors that encourage confidence, passion and satisfaction. While blame is common in ME centered workplace cultures, self-responsibility and self- management are the cornerstones of WE based environments.  A WE centered workplace creates an environment that eliminates workplace dynamics that can smother creative thought and action.

Environments that foster WE centered behaviors create an “all for one” mentality and encourage diversity, sharing, confidence, passion and satisfaction. As smart businesses shift away from traditional, hierarchical structures with clearly defined and maintained roles and responsibilities for staff, workplaces have become more collaborative. Collaboration is all about group productivity anytime and anywhere.

Today, business practice is embracing the true definition of collaboration and the concept of working together.

Avatel believes that we have the responsibility and the power to encourage and foster a culture of collaboration, where our teams can work together to achieve desired results. We believe that the workplaces of tomorrow must be based on distributed power – The Power of “WE”.

Because together is better, there is excitement and power in knowing that everyone you work with has a tremendous impact on your company’s success. The collaborative power of the many trumps the efforts of one. Imagine an individual trying to build a university, develop a cure for a disease or run a country without collaborating through teamwork.

Creating productive environments where teamwork thrives requires workers to use technologies that enable teams to work together easily in a synchronized and collaborative way delivering an outcome greater than the sum of the parts.

To be more efficient and reduce human latency when collaborating with other individuals, employees need practical access to collaboration tools. We believe that the spirit of collaboration enables our employees and customers to capture The Power of WE to drive creativity, generate ideas and accelerate smarter decisions.

We believe in the concept of working hard and playing hard and we are able to do this with a strong team spirit and Avaya collaboration tools. We embrace these tools as a way to accelerate smarter decisions, increase productivity, cut costs and strengthen our competitive advantage. Avatel believes in the Power of WE and a culture of collaboration.

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP




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