The Mobility Revolution – Avatel and Avaya Mobilizing Growth for Small and Mid-size Business

Faster, Smarter, Better

As the world becomes increasingly mobile, businesses are struggling to stay connected in an always on, virtual workplace. As mobility becomes the rule rather than the exception, mobile communications strategies are evolving from providing convenient reachability to tools that maximize individual and team performance.

Small and midsize companies need to match their communications to the new realities of the marketplace in a world in which business gets done 24/7, from any location on multiple devices. Done correctly, mobile collaboration delivers measureable results in every aspect of your business.

The mobility revolution can be explained by four main drivers:

  • Businesses (and individuals) like to communicate on the move
  • Mobility increases corporate productivity and competitiveness
  • Well-developed mobile technologies and services
  • Digital information and content are increasingly pervasive

More and more, business is done from locations that don’t meet the definition of the traditional office. Businesses must respond by making it easy for people to stay in touch on any device and from any location—all while ensuring employees have access to the same communication tools, whether they are working from a home office, airport, hotel, or another business location.

Enabling mobility in your business increases your flexibility by helping employees to be more responsive and productive. The goal is to make it easy for employees to find the right person at the right time, and then use the best form of communication to get information and make decisions in real time.

With so many mobility options available today, growing businesses are often spending on things they don’t need or that don’t work together. Technology must provide business advantages, not restrictions; features have to be intuitive and offer real business savings. The key is to provide collaboration at a level that makes business procedures more efficient and more responsive.

Avatel’s team of mobility specialists can help you recognize the benefits of this changing business environment and how to best integrate Avaya’s mobility solutions.

The Avaya Mobile Collaboration Solution for Small and Midsize Business is designed for the new realities of today’s business environment. The Avaya IP Office can do just that – Mobile Collaboration in a midsize package delivering a full range of communications capabilities—voice, data, video and more—in a single, scalable fully-integrated solution.

Avaya Mobile Collaboration for Small and Midsize Business provides:

  • Faster collaboration—no more guesswork about who’s available and how best to reach them.
  • Smarter decisions—get the right information to the right people, at the right time.
  • Better business—support your business with tools for increased productivity, sales growth and innovation.

The new mobility application for the IP Office  is the one-X® Mobile Preferred for IP Office which enables users to access a comprehensive set of unified communications capabilities on selected mobile devices.

Key features of Avaya one-X Mobile Preferred for IP Office include:

  • Multi-party conference management via mobile device offers the ability to invite, view, mute and drop participants during a conference call and with one touch, initiate the conference.
  • Integrated presence enables users to display availability status to co-workers via mobile device, and show specific times of availability based on a user’s Microsoft® Outlook calendar. Unavailable workers can let colleagues follow them and receive an alert when available.
  • Instant Messaging lets workers easily find business colleagues via an integrated corporate directory and begin text chats with multiple co-workers simultaneously.
  • ‘Geopresence’ displays one’s location anywhere in the world, and is ideal when employees need to quickly identify a co-worker’s physical location.
  • Visual Voicemail lets users see all of their voicemails on their mobile device with date/time. Users can hear messages as they are being left in real-time and access a call in progress.

Now is the time to take advantage of mobility to increase business agility and transform the way you serve customers. Contact an Avatel Mobility Specialist at 866.835.2661 to improve processes, increase productivity and help you gain your competitive edge.

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP


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