Avatel ~ Impacting Business Outcomes, Not Just Selling Solutions

Most other Technology Vendors do not try to sustain engagement across a customer’s entire outcome lifecycle. Avatel understands that customers need more proactive consultative advice and support throughout the buying cycle and the lifetime of the solution. We don’t just sell products or services; we sell outcomes and we assume personal responsibility for those outcomes.

This philosophy employs an approach that uncovers the customer’s key motivation to make a positive and productive change in their current situation by utilizing the product or service being sold. We must look at the concept of solution selling as only the beginning of the process. Solution selling puts focus on eliminating the pain, but not on delivering tangible outcomes. Solution selling often fails to deliver because the focus is only on the portfolio elements and their corresponding solution benefits.

An Outcome based approach focuses on positive techniques and employs strategies designed to empower our customers with the ability to make good decisions about their company’s future. To our customers, the solution really doesn’t matter – only the outcome.

The transition from solution only selling and an outcome based approach is:

  • Always put our customer needs, not our product or service offers at the center of our strategy.
  • Sustain engagement across our customer’s entire outcome lifecycle.
  • Create differentiated business capabilities that technology makes possible with minimized risk.

An outcome-based approach is not about what we are selling, but about partnering to help our customers achieve their desired outcome. We must put our products and services to the side, and address the prospect’s issues. We must help them quantify the problem and understand the urgency of solving the problem to achieve the desired outcome.

Instead of ensuring our solution works only as promised, we know that we have to ensure that the solution achieves the results and the outcome that was purchased. With our Avaya solutions, we know we can help streamline operations, improve remote and mobile communications, increase team productivity, reduce costs, and enhance customer service.

Avatel understands that, you can only create value when you quantify the benefits of your solution and prove to the customer its direct contribution to their business outcomes. Contact one of our Avatel Consultants today at 866.835.2661 to achieve your desired business outcome.

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP


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