The Midmarket Space Just Got a Little More Crowded with Avaya Midmarket Solutions

As a mid-size company, you have unique challenges that you’re larger or smaller counterparts do not face. While you are expected to perform as well as your larger counterparts, providing great service and producing high-quality products, you generally have to do more with less.

Mid-size companies have technology needs that are just as sophisticated as larger company’s needs; but with less resources. Avatel and our product manufacturer Avaya are taking notice of mid-market firm challenges, by designing and implementing solutions that help mid-size companies succeed in the face of many possible obstacles.

The products and technologies your company invests in must provide solid and significant value in helping you fulfill your business missions and help solve your business problems. Business value should be measured in terms of reduced costs, increased savings, time saved and other factors. ROI and TCO are important for mid-market companies, but the business value of better communication and collaboration is even more important.

Mid-market companies are very focused on improving worker productivity with the ability for people to interact and communicate regardless of their location. We understand that individuals and teams need to constantly interact, communicate and share knowledge in order to effectively do their jobs.

New solutions are being introduced by Avaya, aimed at the mid-market, to help this segment realize the benefits of improved communications. The wide range of options for communications and collaboration via voice, messaging, video conferencing, web-based applications, etc., will increase employee reach-ability whether they are in the office, working at home or on the road so they can use the most effective communication style for whatever their situation demands.

The Avaya Solution provides cost-effective, simple-to-deploy, integrated collaboration choices with flexible components, easily adaptable to the scale and business profiles of midsize enterprises.

Benefits of the Avaya Mid-market Solution

  • Increase customer responsiveness and satisfaction
  • Accelerate key customer, development, and business processes
  • Empower employees with tools to make them more effective
  • Engage the right people in decisions more rapidly and productively
  • Lower TCO and simplifying operations with an integrated architecture
  • Reduce travel overheads, external mobile phone and conferencing service costs
  • Create a foundation for the future (scalable growth based on your business objectives)

Avaya’s solution is flexible enough to extend its business communications, applications and capabilities to a tablet, smartphone or workstation to help ensure employees can be accessible and productive wherever they are. Avatel believes that this solution will solidify Avaya’s position in the midmarket space.

Together, Avaya and Avatel can plan it, scale it, build it, and run it – all at a cost, pace and level of simplicity midsize businesses can handle.  Avaya and Avatel will make sure that it’s put together in a way that your employees adopt it quickly and benefits accrue from day one. Plus – the solution is “organic” – Avaya has a plan to keep the solution growing as devices evolve, business applications become more “mobility-centric” as user needs change and business opportunities evolve.

This is a great time for mid-market customers to migrate to next-generation technology with the new Avaya mid-market solution. Contact an Avatel Midmarket Solutions team member today, at: 866.835.2661

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP



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