“PRESENCE” And Why it is So Important Today

The dictionary describes presence as “being there”.  In the communications world, the definition is really a “virtual being there” which can be indicated by a status on a communications device such as a phone showing someone to be available.  Today we break that down even further into “being available” by certain types of communication, primarily Voice, Instant Messaging and more recently Video.

But why is presence so important? Presence can determine if a person, at any moment, can be contacted and how. Presence is probably the single most important tool to enable a more effective and efficient communication within and between enterprises and organizations. Presence saves time and increases productivity by enabling users to communicate more efficiently across the entire organization.

Presence on the Avaya Flare Device

For example – A customer calls in and says they want to place an order.  They say that they usually talk to John and he knows exactly what they usually order but you call John’s extension and it goes to voicemail.  You leave a message and say to the customer as soon as John replies he will call you back.  In this scenario the customer has not been satisfied and you have achieved nothing until john gets back.  This could also be delayed further by John being absent from work. The following day, a frustrated customer calls back and you are still unable to care for their request.

With Presence, the outcome could be far different – A customer calls in and says they want to place an order.  They say that they usually talk to John and he knows exactly what they usually order.  You look at your phone and John’s presence shows that he is at lunch but he is available via instant chat message.  You tell the customer that you are sending him a quick chat message and John replies from his cell phone with details of what the customer usually orders.  You can now place the customer order and the customer is happy with your ability to deal with them even when John is out of the office.  The difference between these scenarios is vast and clearly shows how presence is so important today.

When you look at these scenarios  from a Chief Operating Officer point of view, workforce efficiency can mean the difference between being profitable or making a loss.  Efficiency is critical to a company’s success and survival in today’s markets.

Colin Jeffs, Avatel Enterprise Sales Director


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  1. Well done!

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