Avaya IP Office ~ The Answer to a Successful BYOD Adoption Strategy

BYOD is not a new trend, Small and large businesses have dealt with user-purchased technology for generations. And in reality, bring-your-own-device has been around for years.  In the past, when users requested connection to the network, the answer was “no”. Now, thanks to security controls, low-cost smartphones, tablets, and Internet-enabled access to corporate data, saying “no” is not an option.

Organizations need to keep staff in touch with customers, suppliers and each other at all times. The research company Gartner forecasts sales of 645 million smart phones and tablets by the end of 2012. It therefore makes sense for businesses to embrace a BYOD strategy.

After all, allowing staff to use their own smart phones and tablets is a cost-effective way to ensure everyone has the latest mobile communications technology. Freedom to adopt devices of their choice and 24/7 access from anywhere allows users to improve productivity and can positively impact business results.  BYOD is therefore here to stay. And with a sound management strategy in place, mobile communications can keep pace with change thanks to the enthusiasm of staff for new devices.

Avatel and Avaya offer a holistic solution comprising of UC, Networking & Services to address BYOD. Avaya’s newly released IP Office 8.1 adds innovative capabilities to tap the full potential of next-generation collaboration to help SMEs efficiently and securely take advantage of BYOD environments and advanced mobility.

The IP Office is the perfect solution for companies looking to ride the mobility wave by allowing employees to connect their own devices to company’s communications networks. Along with the Avaya Flare Communicator, once offered only to large enterprise customers, is now available to SME’s and joins the one-X Mobile Preferred app for iPhone and Android as part of the small business unified communications toolkit.

The new Avaya platform offers boosted security features, a development that works toward making a BYOD strategy less stressful for IT managers. IP Office 8.1 integrates with Avaya’s recently introduced ERS 3500 data switches. In addition to offering near plug-and-play network configuration, the device’s “identity based engine” has the “ability to create admission levels automatically,” setting secure, per-user permissions for mobile devices.

The best way for businesses to manage the use of portable devices by their employees is to provide a platform that is secure and has centralized tools for IT administration and management. SME’s will appreciate the enhanced security options for the Avaya IP Office that adds protection against toll fraud, denial of service attacks, and other threats through use of a new SME version of Avaya Session Border Controller—a solution delivering a protective SIP-based firewall. It makes security easy and affordable for SMEs to implement, with advanced capabilities for mobile workers such as the ability to encrypt media and signaling connections without using a VPN for UC.

Work is no longer a location. It’s an activity. With the IP Office, you have the flexibility to work however, whenever, and from wherever you are. The IP Office Mobility Solution enables businesses of all sizes to integrate their employee’s smartphones and tablets securely, simply and cost-effectively, with existing enterprise communication and applications and infrastructure.

To help you with your BYOD strategy and deployment, contact an Avatel Mobility Specialist at 866-835-2661 to  provide a comprehensive set of assessment, design, and  services to ensure your deployments are well planned and seamlessly rolled out.

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP



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  1. Avaya continues to improve their service and products

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