The Strategy for Success is to Acknowledge and Embrace Change

It has become quite clear that in today’s day and age it is imperative to not only embrace change but invite it into our lives to ensure success and happiness. Life itself is a process of change. Night follows day, spring follows winter. Markets change, opinions change, and through it all, life moves forward, changing from day to day.

October has become a month of changes at Avatel. We certainly understand that change is inevitable in business and in life, but is often difficult. However, we must be capable of effective change in order to succeed in the future. We are meant to continue growing and evolving, and sometimes it’s hard to push ourselves past our comfort zone.  As we step out of our comfort zone, we discovered greater momentum and a newfound empowerment.

We believe that business success comes with your openness and excitement to change and growth and development happens only when change takes place. As such, it plays a critical role in achieving success in business. Change occurs continually, whether good or bad. How the organization tackles the changes is often the difference between success and failure.

Change is the unspoken word that businesses would rather not highlight and that brings panic to some. Though most people say they would welcome opportunity, far fewer people are open to real and substantive change. Yet to take advantage of opportunity you must be open to change. Change does not have to stop you or limit you. In fact, change will empower you and pull you forward if you let it. People who make the most of life are those who expect the changes, welcome them, and find the positive possibilities in each one. Change is a daily reality for everyone alive. As with most other things, it can hurt or it can help.

The strategy for success is to acknowledge and embrace change, to find the positive possibilities in changes, and to manifest those possibilities. Opportunity involves effort, and a big part of that effort comes about through change — changing your attitude, changing your perspective, changing your thinking, changing your actions. You must manage and respond to change so that it will work for you, rather than against you.

When conditions change, some people become immobilized by worry. Other people complain. Still others make the changing conditions into an excuse for not taking action. What do successful people do when conditions change? Successful people adapt. That’s what makes them consistently successful. The truth is when you’re willing and able to adapt, you’re always in the right place at the right time. Those who recognize that fact and take advantage of it by adapting in a positive way to changing conditions will achieve success

The changes keep coming. Through them, you can learn, grow and prosper. It is good to embrace change, because growth, progress and value creation are impossible without it. Make the most of the opportunities to change, to grow, to improve, and to move forward. Change is the way things happen.

Learn to weather the changes, to roll with the punches and to run when the wind is at your back. And as the changes continue to come, you’ll move surely and steadily ahead.

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP



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