Avaya Business Partner Avatel says: Charge Forward and Make Success Happen

Economic forecasters and media pundits always stress the doom and gloom during economic contractions. They really should keep in mind that economic contractions are part of the free and open market system we all enjoy. Economies move through natural cycles of growth and retraction. These economic cycles occur globally, nationally and locally.


True business professionals know to act, not to react. We know we must charge forward and make success happen without waiting for an economic break. Our businesses would thrive if we all focused on our own objectives and tuned out the media noise. As a business owner, I have chosen to ignore the negative press and instead focus on forging ahead.

America’s economic might is rooted in an entrepreneurial culture and a passion for innovation and risk-taking. No matter which way the economic pendulum swings, we are in control of our own economy. No matter what experts say is going to happen in 2013, a strong desire to succeed is the best ticket to conquer a tough economy. This attitude, along  with extra effort and the support of our great product manufacturer Avaya, has helped our business grow despite the economy. And we don’t plan to slow down anytime soon.

We must look the future straight in the eye and adapt and prepare. We must believe that if we are willing to work hard, the American Dream is very much alive and available to us all. We should all know we can execute and turn this belief into a reality.

In the current sluggish economic environment, the remarkable history of American dynamism is thus more instructive than ever. In an economically free society, each person controls the fruits of his or her own labor and initiative. Individuals are empowered—indeed, entitled—to pursue their dreams by means of their own free choice. Economic freedom is the key to achieving the broad-based economic dynamism that ensures lasting growth and increased prosperity for society as a whole. The definition of dynamism says it all – energy, enthusiasm, and determination to succeed.

Resilience and dynamism are the qualities that businesses need most to thrive in today’s world, but neither is sufficient alone. It is the combination that makes the difference. To be resilient is to be able to adapt to changes and pursue critical goals while also being able to withstand and recover from sudden economic contractions. Today’s biggest challenges, meanwhile, also demand dynamism – the capacity for bold vision and even bolder action.

Resilience and dynamism are leadership attributes required not to only survive, but to thrive in tough times. I believe that small to midsize businesses are the foundation of the free enterprise system. And as business leaders, we must take the lead and forge the way into a brighter future.

Jamie Wood, Avatel EVP


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  1. Avatel has certainly proven this to be the case in the past few years, great article!

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